June 13, 2017

Quest 52 at Art & Soul/Virginia Beach

I am constantly inspired by art found on Pinterest.  The pieces above are one example of what resonates with me.  Taking simple things and elevating the meaning or purpose thru hand wrought care.  Simple weaving around rocks and shells and plastic rings. This basket stitch is elementary and yet so effective here.  Find small flat rocks and shells and whatevers that you find and bring them in your stash.  I will be happy to show you how I did these in this workshop (bring a dull embroidery needle and threads.  I'll probably have some in my stash, too).

The backgrounds were chosen after the elements were made.  Darks and lights.  Grids and stamps.  Rubbings on black paper.  Art is not meant to be difficult.

This class and all the info can be found here:

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  1. Fantastic samples. I love how it reads like a primer - simple, clear and enjoyable. Great pieces, Anni.


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