November 24, 2015

Crackle, crackle

Love this porcelain crackle.  I've used it for backgrounds and a couple of book covers, too.
Just like other crackle applications, the thicker you spread it the larger the cracks.  You can see clearly where I laid thicker applications in the sample above.
I made this journal from an old address book of ours.  It was actually a collaborative effort with 3 other artists.  I made the book and cardstock to fit inside.  I mailed 2-3 cardstock pieces to each participant and they sent them back to me finished.  I completed the book and it actually got published in a Somerset Studio issue!

Come and learn this beautiful technique in our workshop at ART AND SOUL in Minneapolis in May. Can't make the May retreat?  Sign up for the Virginia Beach retreat in October, 2016!

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