November 6, 2015

Art & Soul Porcelain Crackle Collage

I will be teaching this wonderful crackle art technique at  
in May, 2016.  It's the finest crackle medium I've found, and creates a beautiful porcelain crackle background.  This medium will be supplied in class.
What will not be supplied are the bits of collage that you are asked to bring to make your piece your own.  We will artfully create a personal collage board in a pleasing composition. Each board will contain your initial or monogram.

~Artifacts, Elements and Fragments~
I have been a collector of objects for as long as I remember.  I have boxes of these goodies that I keep in my art room.  The picture above simply features old buttons, snips of fabric, part of an antique drawer with dove-tailed ends and my initial A under a horn-rimmed lens.  Your own bits need not be antiques.  My next posts will be filled many more ideas.

Below is a spread of an article I wrote for Somerset Studio using some of my finished collages.

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  1. This project is wonderful, Anni. So personal knowing the via come from your collection. I continue to hope your class goes well. Love to see you're published article!


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