October 15, 2015

Leaving Your Mark

Alchemical Chart
Long before there was the written word, humans communicated with marks.  There are markings found of Africans, Native Indians and like the chart above, science.  There are probably as many marks as there are ideas.

Mark making means many things to many people.  Here's my interpretation:
 Mark making in your own art puts a 'signature' on your piece.  And it is always hand wrought.  Whether it's scratched, indented, embedded, sewn, or simply drawn, it's your mark on your art.

The marks I made above were from a recent post.
Here's the link: Rabbit Tea House

Can you copy a mark off a chart?  Of course.  Many of the markings in the chart above inspire me to use them.  Much like the art you're making, it's your interpretation.

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  1. Such wonderful sentiment. For Christmas a few years back, Brandy and I treated each other to a "Made by...." stamp to use when we make cards. She chose the style design for mine and I can't tell you the delight I get from marking my cards with this stamp. I like the idea to make your own mark on projects. Thank you once again for inspiring me!


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