August 30, 2015

Tea bag cathedral window

 I just received Spellbinders Cathedral Windows Set 1 dies.  It's embarrassing how many windows and doors I've made with these.  This is an example of two, the little window in the door is the smallest size die.  I taped a snippet of tea bag behind the window with a tiny heart.
For the background, I used Stencil Girl's cathedral windows and spread Golden light molding paste to create the bricks and surrounding stones.  When that dried, I sprayed over it with two colors.  I like that the molding paste resists the paint making it look distressed.
~An homage to Joanna Pierotti~
I have been playing with painting roses.  These were done free hand using red and white together on a small brush.  The blue flowers are done with a Copic pen.

The world lost an amazing artist when Joanna passed away not long into 2015.  Joanna fought bravely for years with cancer.  She drew these wee pink roses on her dolls' foreheads.  Here is a link to an example of one of Joanna's adorable creations:

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  1. This is so lovely. I can't decide what I like best - the modeling paste is beautiful as a resist, the door is simply fantastic (I know why you've used it so much!), and those tiny roses and your homage are so tender and sweet! Best I just really like the whole thing!


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