April 29, 2013

"Look Honey, I made a B & B!"

Is what I said to my Hubby when I showed him this:

Basically I set off to make a building of some sort with three tiny windows.  It actually looks more like a barn, doesn't it?  Okay then it's settled - it's a barn converted to a B & B!

Back (or front?)

Here is some of the necklace.  I used our pastoral farm girl - who is now proud owner of a B & B!

Here are 5 little homes I made about 1 1/2 years ago.

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  1. You've a whole little town there! These are so cute. I especially like your barn converted to a B&B. I'd totally stay at her establishment. I can see it nestled near a small copse of trees... Great necklace, Anni.


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