January 17, 2013


First of all, henceforth is one of my favorite words.  I made this reliquary a couple of years ago after I learned how to work with Faux Bone (more on that in a minute).  This piece, Henceforth is a deeply personal piece that I can't begin to explain here on my blog.  The Roman numerals depict the year I turn 100.
No, I'm not off my rocker.  When we make art, we put so much of who we are into it. 
What the heck is Faux Bone?  I took a workshop with Robert Dancik, who invented it.  Really it's just PVC in sheets.  It can be sawed with a jewelry saw.  When heat is applied, it can be molded into shapes.  You can stamp on it, metal stamp in it, score it, and stain it to look vintage.  It is used mostly for jewelry making and you can see some in Robert's gallery here:  Faux Bone Gallery.

This is a hinged bi fold I made with Faux Bone.

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  1. Both pieces are just lovely! I join your enjoyment of the word henceforth. Once again you astound, amaze and inspire me. Keep bringing the creativity.


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