January 16, 2013

A change in the air?

My stars are realigning and I'm heeding the call...

 Last Feb 4th was my first blog post, and that puts me at my one year ANNIversary. :D
I really enjoyed creating cards this past year and joining challenges.  It was so fun reading others' blogs and learning things from the many talented card makers out there.  I may still make a card or two but I feel the need to express myself in other ways. 

I've begun playing around with other media that I've tucked away this past year.  Namely, metal.  The little heart in the picture above is formed with metal wire and stitched with some of my vintage lace.  I saw this on Pinterest and was immediately smitten with the idea.  I like the rustic, shabby look of this piece.  I have a few more made, but I will post them next time. 

My hands are busy in another way now, forming and manipulating metal and fabric. Stay tuned.



  1. At first I thought this was leading to a slow down or closure of your blog. Panic almost set in until I finished the post. Now I'm super excited to see what is coming. I, too, like the shabby look of your metal piece. Ohhhh the possibilities!!!!!

  2. To meld wire with lace in such a piece of shabby chic gorgeousness is an absolute delight.
    Anni, thank you for joining my little Giveaway and being so sweet as to add to your sidebar.
    Wishes & Thanks

  3. Love that heart! Imagine what happens when you pair it with some of those beautiful twist roses you make...spectacular. Let me know if you decide to put these in your store...


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