December 3, 2012

Another 12 Tags of Christmas tag

Another tag made for Ellen Hutson 12 Tags of Christmas with a Feminine touch.  Wayyyy down at the bottom of this post I put the picture of the tag that inspired mine made by Ellen herself so you can't compare too closely.
 This is the wreath that I made per Ellen's brilliant idea: take a wire and make it round.  Just poke the wire end thru a long, skinny length of tulle until it's full enough. Then I trimmed it around the outer edges a bit.
Here's a closeup of the top of the tag.  My wreath doesn't make a big impact here, I know.  Again, wait til you see the tag they made wayyyy down there.  Needless to say, theirs isn't just visible, but gorgeous and perfectly made.  I made the flowers with sturdy watercolor paper and the smallest of the tattered flowers die.
I felt compelled to use some seam binding that I tea died the other you can actually SEE something in that blizzard of a background.  And it matches the flowers.

Day one 2011
Okay, here's theirs.


  1. Both are gorgeous!!! What a pretty package that tag would make!!

  2. I love your tag. The wreath is just as gorgeous as Ellen's. I really like that you repeated the color of the ribbon in the flowers and branches, it's just lovely.

  3. So ethereal! Love the tulle and floral elements, too!

  4. I love the wreath idea. Been under the weather here in hot and sunny Arizona. It has set me back on my crafting for Christmas. I just might catch up and join you in the fun!


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