May 20, 2012

Ribbon Rose Tutorial

I want to share where I learned to make these beautiful ribbon roses.  I learned through several Youtube videos, but the one that follows seems to be the best.  The only variation to this lesson is that I use a hot glue gun because I like using satin and soft ribbon that slips around as I'm wrapping.  The only other advice I can give is practice, practice, practice.
Throw a comment my way if you get one done.  If you want, please become a follower to my blog.  (I could use more friends  ;>).  Good luck.    Anni/Handgathered

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed your tutorial very much! It got a bit tedious and slow at the end, but the detail was appreciated. I learned three new things watching it, most importantly, the way you used your right forefinger to catch and turn the ribbon slightly as you were turning it.
    Thank you for a very instructional video!


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