July 31, 2017

Playing with sun printing

 I found packets of Lumi Inkodye on clearance at Joann's last week.  A few days ago I played.  It appears grey or black but is more blue in person (see pics below).  The flower spray at the top are Baby's Breath from a Mother's Day bouquet.  The little fern and flower are from my garden.  This one actually turned out good enough to frame and display.

The top is a rusted piece of metal that you've seen me rust with.  In fact, a bit of rust transferred too.  The bottoms are from stencils I've made.  One from a computer vector image and the other from a die-cut.  
Living and learning.

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  1. So darn interesting! I did a bit of research on the Inkodye. You've used it to great effect here. I'm always so inspired by your creativity. Keep it up.


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