April 29, 2017


The background on this was painted and stenciled over at least twice before I liked it.  Then it sat for a while.  Weeks later, I plopped a rusted coffee filter on top.  I washed the whole thing with a white acrylic glaze to lighten it up.  Then I proceeded to sketch, sketch, sketch.

The main focus, the 3 rabbit circle, was done separately and placed after I stenciled a bit to continue the design with the background.  I was inspired by this image of a Celtic design and sketched it.
I sketched the shelf and the cloth hanging from it.  I've been experimenting with drawing fabric with transparency/translucency.  Here's a hint to sketching; do it on tissue paper and use gel medium to glue it down.  The pencil stays and the tissue disappears.  The farmer in the frame, upper left, was done like this.  (I also used this snippet in my blog header above.)

None of this is planned out at the beginning.  I can't work that way.  This collage became a story that evolved around the rabbits.  The farmer above added mystery to an untold story that not even I know.

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  1. The shelf and the books and the candle and the rabbits and the scarf. I could go on and on. Simply lovely.


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