April 24, 2017

Castles in the air

Most of this collage is done with images from magazines and a vintage book.
To the left of the castle is a new stamp from Seth Apter to provide texture and was the starting point to this horizontal piece.  The crosses below the castle is brown painted deli paper rubbed on an embossing folder with a white pastel stick.

Do you have a stash of papers you hang on to 'just in case'?  Well, it's fairly obvious that I do.  Yes, I'm inundated with paper, paper, paper in my work room, but I can't be a paper artist without it. 

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  1. Yes, Anni, I hoard paper, and glues, and sequins and ... well I do need all those things to make things and just gave away about 25 cards to some friends who go on and on about how they love to send cards. My little impact and grace for having so much in the stash. Plus, your art to me is such an inspiration - what you do with a few simple pieces of paper. Another great piece.


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