April 5, 2017

Alabama Chanin ~ Slow Stitch

 Last year I made a very comfy, boho top out of a 100% linen skirt I found at Good Will.  This Spring break, when my daughter was home she lovingly told me it looked kind of like a potato sack.  Okay.  

Time to remedy that.  I channeled my inner Alabama Chanin and drafted a design onto paper, which I then drew on the front center of the shirt.
In progress...

Final result.  Still kind of potato-sacky, but it's comfy.

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  1. I simply love a good "loving" comment. It makes us better. I think your top beautiful, but (I'm guessing here!) we've of an age and so our tastes probably run more aligned. I think your addition to the top is very artsy and also boho, so it fits the style. Great improvement!


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