March 14, 2017

Quest 52's with a touch of RED

~A touch of red~
  A lot of my work starts with grey.  I don't often work with red.  When I do, it's just a bit here and there, as shown above.  As some of you might know, I dabble with the red wax that I peel from Baby Bel cheese and reuse it in my art.  It's easy.  You simply knead it in your hand until pliable.  Then you're able to shape it.  
Something new I've tried (with success) is combining wax and air dried clay forms I've made. When the clay is dry, I glob a small piece of the red wax on top and begin rubbing it into the relief, removing some along the way.  
I will be teaching this workshop at Art and Soul.  

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  1. I like the pop of red in these pieces, the berries in the top right being my favorite. Again, it's lovely to see how you view things differently and then work them out. Keep it up, Anni


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