February 18, 2017

Playing with rubber cement resist

I think I found this technique on Pinterest.  

I poured rubber cement in a bottle with a spout made for writing.  I took out some watercolor paper and cardstock, and began to scribble.

After that dried, the real fun began.  I used watercolor crayons, a bit of Gelatos and sprays (from ArtAnthologie & Prima) and water.  
I hastened the dry time with my heat gun.  When all dry, it took just a finger rub to remove the glue.  Note: the underlay is very white in real life.
Love the batik look you get.

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  1. Watercoloring is one of my favorite techniques. I've not tried rubber cement, but may have to give it a go since you suggested it. A great technique for your class that I hope is extremely successful.


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