January 26, 2017

Quest 52 Journal Cover Ideas

I've put together a couple of cover alternative ideas for our Quest 52 journal cover.  The 3-D cone is a mainstay, but the background can be as original as you are.  
Once we build the cone, we can paint it, cover it with paper, write on it, make marks, etc.  The one above is painted light blue and white crackle painted when dry.  After that, we lace up the front and backs together with hemp.  I will provide different colors of hemp to choose from.
Note that he glass-enclosed titles can also differ.  It's fun and it's up to you.  

Check back here in a few days to see another one that's very different from this one.

In the meantime, use this portal to take you to this class page:

Stay tuned for more samples to come.
Questions?  Please email me: handgathered@hotmail.com

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  1. I love the texture and dimension you create with your cone. Sounds like a lot of creative fun.


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