January 25, 2017

More Art and Soul Previews

Here are 4 more altered playing cards with a theme.  The theme here are the colors sepia and grey.  Top L is where I've used more 'oven-browned parchment paper'.  *I plan to have some pre-browned parchment paper to share in class*.  Over that I embroidered fishtail stitches from tiny to large.  Do you have to embroider on your 52's?  Only if you want to.  Likewise, sketching is not mandatory.  Another rabbit, I know.  Love rabbits.

in Minneapolis in April/May.  Gonna be fun!!!

PS:  Check here tomorrow when I begin to post journal cover ideas for Quest 52

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  1. So fun to see these sneaks. I am particularly enjoying grey and sepia myself at the moment. Worked it into a couple of cards I need to photograph and get posted. What an inspiration!


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