January 3, 2017

Minneapolis 2017 April 26- May 1

Here is a preview of my 'Embedded Bottles' workshop.

We will start out by altering three diminutive bottles with paint, crackle, beads, wax thread and whatever else we see fit. The taller, crackled bottle will be sealed with secrets, poems, memories, or any personal heartfelt notion you wish. The two glass bottles may be filled with any small items that you wish. My samples contain wool remnants from a favorite blanket, the other, a strip of vintage text. (Watch my blog for different ideas, inspiration and colorways.) We will place a small filigree fence in place to hold the bottles in the niche. The two clear bottles can be removed anytime; the secreted bottle cannot be removed.

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  1. Such a beautiful project, Anni! I love the altered look and all the interesting details. I will wish that the class goes well and you enjoy teaching!


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