January 18, 2017

Art and Soul; Join the Quest

In my workshop Quest 52, we will creating 4 cards at a time.  We will be working in a playing card sized format with a common theme in all 4 cards.  The common theme in the above samples are that all are bisected horizontally, among other likenessess too.  See?  Not rocket science; just fun.  Your themes may differ from everyone else, or I can prescribe a theme, 4 cards at a time. 
Check in at this blog and see what other themes and ideas I've come up with.

I am always looking for new items and techniques to use in my art.  In the upper left card, I used parchment baking paper that has been browned in my oven.  This idea struck me at Christmas time, when pie crusts that I baked came out with the paper in that lovely patina of sepia tone!!  Not only that, but it's translucent.  You may be seeing more of that in my art...

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  1. Your creativity and playfulness in using different media is one of your most inspiring aspects, Anni. I love each one of these, but also that you can "take apart" the design making it easy. Much success my friend!


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