July 26, 2016

52 Card Pick-up of my own

Some very talented people have inspired me to create my own 52 Card Pickup.  I like working on this kind of art on a small scale.  I sketched on some, and collaged on others.  The dragon above is 2 cards that I sketched and painted as one, then adhered them to their own playing card.  By no means am I done doing all 52.   (Pssst!:  I may be doing a 52 card workshop in 2017.)
Here is my LadyHawk card.  
BTW, My hawk is doing much better!  She is on meds daily but we are watching her closely.  She's not 100% of what she was before, but has exhibited a healthy-ish appetite again.  My heart has also healed from the trauma of almost losing her.  Someday this will happen, but thankfully not yet.


  1. So glad to read about your hawk. It is only a delay, but this is how we prepare our hearts... Cherishing this time now. Your cards are lovely, especially the lady hawk card. I hope you share all 52 with us and get to host the class!

  2. I am so glad to hear this. I learned about the hawk from you at the Minneapolis Art & Soul retreat in May, and just figured out where your blog is! Been thinking about that hawk :-). Best, Pam Reynolds

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment about the hawk. Yes, she's doing fine, thank goodness. Are you taking any classes in Minneapolis this year? Hope to see you there. A


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