May 20, 2016

Moon Hares

I stumbled upon some ideas on Pinterest about paper cutting that are just beautiful.  So, like most things I admire,  I wanted to try my hand at it.   It isn't much different from the snowflake cutting we did as kids.  For my first ones I only worked with a square fold.  I sketched out a basic design, folded the square and cut out the design.  You may notice that one set above have only one ear.  Oops, sorry buns.
 These are the remains of the samples I made.
In the finished project above, I adhered the cutouts on a square of black cardstock.  Then I laid a teabag over them and used gel medium to bring that wonderful transparency I've been playing around with.  The hares started out on this buff colored paper, but the teabag 'stained' them so lovely.  The running hares were from the other cutout and painted black.

Ancient Pagans believed that seeing a hare gazing at the moon was a sign of fertility, growth, abundance and fortune.  Probably not when you cut their ear off, tho.  ):
Example from Pinterest

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  1. I've long admired paper cuts and yours are lovely (even with only one ear)! What a wonderful use of one!


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