March 28, 2016

Small things pink

How and why are these things made?  I try things and experiment with 'what if, and reinvent the wheel constantly in my art room.  Then I have a lot of arty debris on my work table and I get another 'what if' feeling and move things around and combine them until I like it.  Then I have those finished things floating around and decide to make a book/art journal to put them all in.  Your basic OCD stuff.  Then, I blog about it.  All this keeps me sane and out of trouble. :p
A little bit of this, a bit of that...viola.  
The pink background was from my Gelli plate making stash.  The white design comes from embossing a Spellbinder's Gilded Life plate on shiny white cardboard; the kind that comes in packaging.  Because it was so thick, some of the designs broke off, like a die instead of just 

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  1. Your process is as fascinating as your art, Anni. I like the pink in these pieces. Wonderful!


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