February 3, 2016

New Tea Bag Art

I actually made these tea bag bundles about a month ago.  I used a square punch to create stacks of tea bags mixed with manila card stock (for stability).  Using waxed brown thread I tied them up into wee bundles.  The center one has red wax that I had in my stash.  What?!?  Who has dribbles of red wax hanging around?  I do.  It's from a Bonbel cheese wrapper that I peeled off and heated up in my hands like clay.  Because who knows when you might need a dribble of wax? ;>
The layers are black card stock, a clipped old map from a magazine, brown card stock that I bleach stamped, a bit of crochet that I made then stiffened, and a tag that says 'Merchant'.  It's the same image I used in my blog header above.  If you scroll up you'll see it.
Just another 'Tea Bag' art idea I had to add to my tea bag journal.  Which as you all know by now, is a workshop that I will be teaching in May at ART & SOUL.

I have a few more 'tea baggage' art to blog in the coming week.  See you then.

I added this piece to Let's Play February to use neglected art supply - brown card stock and red labels:


  1. Such a beautiful work of art created from bits and pieces we wouldn't think of as lovely. Yet, you've made the useful and beautiful!

  2. I really like your use of the red wax saved from that cheese! Overall, though, I like your design, plus I love brown. Very clever use of materials plus great design!

  3. Your wee bundles are fabulous! Thanks for sharing with Let's Play!

  4. Saw your wonderful project over at A Colorful Journey. What a wonderful piece!!! How clever of you to keep the red wax. Hats off!

    I am totally enchanted with everything on your blog and am your newest follower on Google Friend Connect.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  5. those squares are cute. I too have somewhere red wax in my stash.


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