February 20, 2016

Art and Soul May Workshop is coming up!

Personal Elements board in REDS.  
Some of the bits in this arrangement include a porcelain shoe, a postage stamp, a nest with pearl eggs, a stumpy pencil, a checker piece and a wee drawer handle attached upside down and filled with an antique bottle that was labeled 'Amyl nitrate' and porcelain roses.  Anything goes!

At Art & Soul this May in Minneapolis, I will teaching this workshhop on personal elements which will include your initial or monogram.  First, we will apply the layers to create the china crackle finish on the board.  
Then, composition, composition, composition.  Not the scary kind with the rules, but the fun kind that stops when you're satisfied with the results.  Collect your bits and bring them along with you for this class.  

Pick a color or theme or whatever feels right to you and meet in Minneapolis.

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  1. I like the pop of red in this project. So much to see and such beauty. Great project, Anni.


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