January 18, 2016

Three more journal pages

 Gentling.  I'm an avid reader and when I come across a phrase or words I like, I write it down to maybe use some day.  'Gentling' is such a word for me.

 .Pastel cathedral window.  Rarely do I use any shade of purple in my art.  I stamped the window (from Chocolate Baroque Stamps) on sprayed deli paper.

More hand painted roses.  This is a two part page.  I found this idea from Nika In Wonderland on Pinterest.  The heart opens up to reveal the rest of the text. 
I made this with my husband in mind.  We recently had our 32nd anniversary.  A long time...

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  1. Beautiful pages, Anni. I like the idea if hiding some of the message behind the heart. Makes me think how I do that all the time - hiding true feelng in my heart. I also think how precious it must be to celebrate 32 years. This is a long time and a testament to your love and understanding, rare enough these days. Congrats.


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