July 31, 2015


At the Forest Preserve where I volunteer (this is my 21st year) there is a farm where every April there are lambs born.  Sometimes the ewes reject the babes and the staff have to take care of feeding it. 
I used my Walnut ink and a dip pen to sketch this little vignette onto a tea bag.

For the background, the bottom left is from my Gelli stash.  The other two are experiments that I had to try:  using the side of a peach Crayola crayon, I did rubbings of stencils.  The wax served as a resist after the surface was sprayed.  I like the soft result, especially the grey, top left.  That grey is actually black spray that was sprayed with water and dabbed dry!  Never underestimate a good grey, I always say.  I love it.

A word about sketching and decorating tea bags:  One of the wonderful assets of tea bags is that they are semi-transparent.  A design you have drawn, or any design you may like may be traced thru the bag.   
Of course I have used rubber stamps with solvent ink on a tea bag with beautiful results.  Bring your favorite art methods and join me when I teach this class in 2016.  Here's a link to get the facts:
Art and Soul Retreat

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  1. Fabulous project, Anni. You never cease to inspire.


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