October 8, 2013

Note to self: Never say never

Indeed, I am not a person who should ever say never because you know I like to dabble.  I haven't taken photos yet and our internet was down for days, but for now I'll share what I have been up to. 

It all started with the Walnut Ink I made.  I use it every day.  I was looking for more ways to incorporate it into my art.  Well, low and behold, I discovered Zentangle.  This was something I couldn't believe people were doing.  Doodling all day?  I couldn't believe someone would write books on the subject.  Well, I believe it now.  Eventually I want to incorporate it into my Gelli art papers, etc.

Stay tuned for photos.

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  1. Tease! I can hardly wait. I'm no doodler, but I am an admirer of doodlers. I'm imagining the results of your endeavors as I type. Ooooh, I am sure you will deliver the goods soon (or at least my hope is in resolving your internet woes)!


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