September 24, 2013

Walnut Inked Goodness

 I've been using my new walnut ink every day.  I mostly use it to actually 'journal' in my art journals now.  (: 
 I also use it in a spray bottle for backgrounds.

All the brown in the four pages above is walnut ink. 

 I also made 3 new stencils.  Wings, a large heart and a violin player.

Watercolor flowers with woven bottom


  1. Hi
    I am also such a fan of walnut ink, whereby I dissolved the crystals to make a solution. In fact I've been using it quite a lot of late, especially for Halloween inspired DT posts.
    Using it in your Journals is a beautiful idea.

  2. Oh, Anni! These are all so lovely. I think another great thing about you is how you actively use your experiments. Some of us have to struggle to put that stash to use. You effortlessly (or from our great distance on the internet it looks effortless) use all these great tools- stamps, stencils, ink- to such beautiful results. Keep sharing- I love it.


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