August 12, 2013

New Gellis

The piece above features a stencil that I made of three roses.  The pattern is from the very generous 
I also cut the scalloped edge below the roses.  

Here are the actual stencils I made.  I love, love, love the grungy look of these after they are layered with paint.

Above is another gelli print with the roses and a Gothic stamp dipped in paint and stamped.  That's the coolest thing about monoprinting - you can over-paint layers onto layers until it agrees with you.

This piece used three different commercial stencils and a stamp that I hand carved from fun-foam.  Below is a picture of stamps I have made.
The foam is mounted onto cardboard.

I am posting these Gelli images to A Colorful Journey by Carol Dube who is the Queen of Gelli printing!



  1. So artistic and unique. Beautiful prints, Anni.

  2. Hello there, thanks for your lovely comment on my Gelli prints. you are really working your gelli plate the prints are gorgeous.

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  4. Your roses are so wonderful! Both as a grungy stencil and the way they created such a fabulous print! So glad you shared this with the party!

  5. Your roses are outstanding and so sharp,


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