August 15, 2013

More Gelli Book pages

Men, men, men.  I guess it's just me that get tired of looking at art that depicts women (mostly nude).  Well, I sated my thirst by making my own stencils of hunks men for my art.

I also made this fun, sketchy compass stencil.

Fair Winds and Following Seas.  
On this piece, I wove Gelli papers through this Gelli page.  Easily done:  just cut even slits where you want the weave to be, then feed slits of cut paper up and down through the cuts.  Trim the edges when done.

This is a heart layout (two separate pages when the book is done).

I have added this post to A Colorful Journey for September's Linky Party for Gelli arts!!!  Thanks Carolyn.


  1. So artistic and fun! Your Gellies are really turning out nicely. Keep it up, we love to see what you've been up to.

  2. Love the woven piece that you have made. It is just great.......

  3. Weaving! Brilliant! Love the angle of the weave too- really draws the eye! So glad you shared this with the party!

  4. Love your "men" stencils. I've been wanting to make my own but time keeps getting away from me. Definitely am going to put that on my "weekend List".


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