August 29, 2013

CRUSH Art Pages

I've created a few new Journal art pages in a larger format (9 x 6).  This one is an homage to my gardens that I have been nurturing in our good Midwestern soil for about 20 years now.  Gardens are an ever changing entity and mine is no exception.  I have, however had roses since day-one among my perennials.
I call this style Crush because of the layering of color and texture.  So fun!  Finnabair is a master of this and I admire her work tremendously.



  1. Such lovely layers of color and pattern. This is a set of journal pages that is sure to inspire and encourage more artistic endeavors. Beautiful!

  2. i just looked at all your artwork and it is wonderful! tx for sharing and inspiring, i will be back! aloha, angi in hama

  3. i love your background papers. the bits of color in the corners with the white center are just beautiful. tfs


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