July 28, 2013

New Art Book. Mostly Gelli prints

Here is the cover of my new art book/journal.  I do not consider myself a journal keeper but my pages contain elements of who I am.  I use the term journal loosely.  After Gelli printing pages, I tore/cut them to size.  The fun part (not as fun as making the gellies) is altering pages with stamps, more color and sketching a bit.  This cover is made of Grunge Paper that takes to the Gelli printing like a dream.
 This is the inside cover and first page.  The blocks of colors on the first page reminded me of an old barn so I stuck on a rusty hatch.

Very Mild
The Dream is Gone
 This page was painted by hand and stenciled roses added with a handmade stencil.  I also made a cutout of the women in silhouette.  The phrase is from a song.  See the ghost-child sketched behind her?  That was from a previously attempted art page that got re-worked into this.  I began to remove the little girl, then thought better of it.  I like when that happens.

I have bits of arty things that I have made floating around my studio.  This image in the center is one of those things.

Found Object

I also used this stencil outline of a woman on the front cover.  I made it because I like the idea of finding, gathering, hunting or working.

I like this expanse of aqua and the grungy top pink part.  The flowers from a die cut make the most wonderful stencil, even when using a portion.  I drew my 'quiet' rabbit with white gel pen around a stencil.  That's all for now.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  1. Your book is so eclectic. There's quite a bit there to look at. I find myself hoping you journal to see what lovely doodling or writing you might do in it's pages. The gellies are lovely and your work is inspiring.


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