July 16, 2013

Four art pieces using stencils

For now I like making art in this small format (6 x 4 1/2").  These are the beginning of another art book/journal.
There are 4 stencils used in the picture above:  diamonds, Damask, cathedral shaped door and the 1/2 circle.  I have been making my own stencils out of heavy plastic from recycled packaging.
The rose above is one of my handmade stencils.

 The flowers are from a die that runs through my Cuttlebug. 
My handmade hare and cathedral door stencils on a walnut ink background.
More to come...

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  1. These are all so lovely, Anni. That rose is exquisite! Such unique and beautiful pages, this book is shaping up to be grand!


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