July 24, 2013


 This is my beautiful daughter Isabel working on her encaustics project.  The teacher never showed up at a class we signed up for so we had an encaustic session at home that afternoon instead.
 Plain wax, no color
 Isabel's finished piece.  She is a visual artist and her project is gorgeous.  She used ferns from our garden and beach glass she found along our Lake Michigan coast.
 This is mine.  The white rectangle of wax needs to be redone to show an image thru it.  Oops.
My Isabel.  She is a great companion and I'm hoping we can do more art classes together.  And hope the teacher turns up next time!

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  1. It looks like you're the teacher, Anni! What a delightful set of pictures and the projects are so visually interesting. I feel like I could come back over and over and find new and interesting parts to both pieces. Here's to many more years of enjoying creating together (and many more posts, I hope!).


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