June 26, 2013


Warning: this post is a bit lengthy

 This is the cover of a book I called Prerogative.  It is made with encaustic on canvas that has been stretched over a cardboard book that I made.  The pages inside are not encaustic, but are a study of composition for me.  In other words, just playing around with making art!

The image of an elderly woman knitting is encased into a 3-D box I made from watercolor paper.

Seed pods.  This is an image from a magazine that I transferred to watercolor paper.

Forbidden.  See the word sweet down in the corner?  Everyone knows that 'forbidden fruit' is always sweetest.

In loco parentis.  

That's it.  Thanks for the visit.

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  1. So fabulous, Anni. This is truly a work of art and, as usual, I'm blown away by your creativity. Each page is so unique and different. This is the kind of post I come back to again just to see something new each time. Nice job.


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