May 13, 2013


I have 2 assemblages to show you.  I've been working on my hinges and both of these have a hinged lid with a hidden 'Offering'.  This one has a thin base of Faux Bone onto which copper has been riveted.

This view shows the etching I did of a chubby cherub's face on the dome.  Can you see it?  I created and used aging techniques on a wing attached below the copper.
When the lid is raised, the offerings are exposed.  In this case 3 pearl eggs on a platter.

This is '2nd Offering'.  
This offering is a lashed wheat sheaf on a platter.  I didn't think of these as food offerings when I made these.  I see that now they can be.  I saw them more as Earthen offerings to the gods or some sort of entity.  Kind of a mystery, and I like that.

Thanks,  Anni


  1. Very unique and charming offerings. Your skill and style really come through on these projects. Nice job!

  2. There is a Peruvian Goddess that I'm fond of, these remind of me something to offer her...Very cool, love the hidden spaces


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