April 5, 2013

Wire Eiffel and a shabby - something?

Hello.  I made an Eiffel Tower out of wire and soldered it up.  Monsieur Eiffel did a much better job with his effort, but I don't fancy myself an architect of historical landmarks, either.

This is something I made about 3 years or so ago.  It is fashioned from 4 matchboxes and soldered as one unit with a quartet of shabby bits of eye candy.  There is one piece of glass over the top of this collage.


  1. Oh this is so special and your soldering is perfection.
    Adore both creations, so different and so special in their own unique way.

  2. You continue to amaze, Anni. What a lovely creation (the Eiffel) and the bits of eye candy are darling. Your work is so delicate and interesting. You inspire me with every post. Keep them coming!


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