April 10, 2013

The Girls

These three Provincial women are all works in progress.  The girl on the far left is transferred onto solder-flooded metal, hence the irregularity of the surface.  The center piece (1" x 1") is cut from fabric and soldered under glass.  I embedded a metal leaf under the glass too.  The third one is really a' bead' that will be along the side of a necklace.
 I notice lately that I enjoy creating the elements more then the necklace as a whole.  Maybe I should just make charm bracelets and be done with it?  These three gals above would certainly fit a theme on a bracelet.

Yesterday and today I've been playing with copper and feeling like I need to make my pieces more organic.
Stay tuned for more soon.
Thanks for coming by.  Anni

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  1. Your ladies are enchanting. I really like the irregularity in your first lady, it adds charm. I can also relate to the creating of a piece being more satisfying than the final whole project. Let me know how you ultimately handle that...


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