April 13, 2013

Of the Earth & 2 more pendants

This may have an 'ewwww' factor for some of you, so know you've been warned.  The dangles represent the Flora and Fauna of the Earth.  The element to the far left is straw (actually a hunk cut off an old broom) and is a great natural color.  The one on the right is a 'pod' that I made with beads and copper.  The center chunk is a fragment of a bone I found while hiking in the woods about 2 weeks back.  Could be deer or coyote?  The striations were probably created by other woodland critters.
This is the back; the marrow clearly visible.  I think it's cool.

 This picture didn't come out clearly no matter what I tried.  I created a 2" oval bezel (because I found the oval glass on clearance) and placed this endearing picture of 2 children and a bully.  lol.

 This pendant was made in a workshop with Robert Dancik (the faux bone guy).  It's a Talisman; Robert is big on Talismans.  In his class is where I learned to set rivets.  I placed MOP buttons along the bottom.  The swirl is stamped into heated faux bone.  After all the distressing is done, brown shoe polish is rubbed in and wiped off.  Shoe polish is waxy and really does the job well.


  1. What an interest set of creations. You really showed us your versatility. Definitely a little ewww factor, but the talisman was very interesting. Keep up the good work!

  2. LOVE all of them! And the real bone doesn't freak me out one bit. I think it's cool. Perhaps good memories of a walk! I have your little package all packaged up just gotta get it into the box which is the plan for tomorrow. Just a few little fun goodies! Can't wait to see what you make!


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