April 28, 2013

Little White Journal

I just finished this new little journal and it is a far cry from the brass one I made.  This one is made of heavy watercolor paper as the cover.  It is made sturdier by all the layers of ink, paint, gesso and modeling paste I applied.

It is bound using a Coptic method with heavy carpet thread.  The thread left over has been beaded into a book mark.
I like all the fussy fibers sticking out.  Some of it is lace,ribbon, organza and dyed cheese cloth.
All the inside pages have room for journaling.  The last picture below has a pocket in which two tags have been placed.  The coral color fiber is a gift from a wonderful blogger friend, Mitra.  Mitra sent me a whole passel of goodies, even some metal odds and ends that she had lying around for my jewelry making!
Until next time, TTFN,  Anni


  1. Oh this is just gorgeous. I love handmade books and try to do them as often as I can. Love the carpet thread bookmark and all the textures on this book.

  2. Rock star! Love your soft little book! That stuff (fiber) is cheese cloth, dyed with a stamp pad and a little alcohol to make it run..you know the kind you get for a couple of bucks at a drug store...I love making it....must go back to my hippy chick days as a kid!

  3. All the little bits and pieces really add a lot of dimension and care to your final book. What a lovely set of textures for eye appeal. Nice job!


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