April 22, 2013

Lest you think I've been slacking...

3 1/2 x 3
I hand crafted a little metal journal.  The front and back covers are brass.  The front cover is etched with text and script.  The pages are watercolor paper.  Some of the pages are embellished but all offer space to write.
I learned to do book binding and used Irish waxed linen from Belfast that I've had for a while now.  The  method I used is slip-knot binding.

 I soldered a little hinged door on the front cover that opens to reveal vintage children.  The banner under the pic is stamped with 'gathered'.

 Some inside pages.
 A piece of mica covers a pastoral scene.  There are more than a few sewn pages with lace, fabric and ribbon.
This page unfolds outward for more space to journal.  I used some of my card making products and skills in the book.  I have another book in the works, this one a softer cover.  I'll post it when it's finished.  

Thanks for stopping by!!  Anni


  1. WOW! I really love the metal on that corner that looks like you dunked the book in it! I am really impressed with the knotting and the binding. LOVE IT!

  2. BTW, there is challenge over at LESSology that is about putting a cover on something. Hold on, let me get you the link...


    I think this would fit for sure if you used something recycled. Just need to write that into your blog and link up. Those girls are ooooober nice over there.

  3. WOW I love the way you've made this book. I love books and bindings. Really like the aperture in the front cover and the inside pages all so different.

  4. I've been so remiss in following my blogs, this posting snuck in there on me. What a beautiful and gorgeous book. I imagine you peacefully adding tidbits to each page, adding to the beauty and simple appeal. What a wonderful project. Keep them coming!


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