April 1, 2013

A few more pieces just finished

 This is a tiny brass journal, aka booklace.  It's art to wear.
The cover has been etched with a stylized A.  When etching metal, you can use staz-on ink and rubber stamps, then immerse the metal in etchant solution.  The parts that are not stamped are etched away and a relief is created.
The back piece is verdigris patina.

This is a brooch that I attached a brass heart to.  The heart is 3D; fiber is pulled thru the rectangle and secured with a brass bar.  The main image is of roses mounted on a postal cancellation from Avignon, France.  This image is attached to the back of a large flat-backed marble and placed behind the domed opening.
The back is embossed copper that has been patinated.
I adored Avignon when we visited.  As a very small hamlet, it is easily traversed.  Avignon charmed me.  This piece is in memory of our stay there.

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  1. The etching on the book is darling. That A is very elegant and really sets the tone of the piece. Both are very nice. I just love to see your creations! Thank you for sharing them with us.


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