March 20, 2013

See that badge?

See that new badge?  The one to the left up there on my blog?  Mitra Pratt, an insightful, honest and avid blogger has awarded my humble blog this award.  Isn't that cool?  My blog is honored to wear it loud and proud.  Mitra shares in the opinion that blogging is not just about how many followers you have, but that you're sharing what you love even tho you author a quieter blog.  Thank you Mitra.

As it is my habit to 'pay it forward', I am henceforth awarding the following blog with the Liebster Award:

Andie and Brandy are the talent behind Contagiously Crafty and they have been blog-buds of mine for a long time now.  Congratulations.  


  1. I can see why our friend Mitra has chosen you for the award Anni! Congratulations and keep up with what you're doing your work is exquisite!!

  2. I join jeanie in congratulations and encouraging you! I, too, can see why Mitra has chosen you. You have been a source of inspiration and amazement to me for some time now. How very honored we are to have been chosen by you to receive the award. Thank you.

  3. Rock ON! See my friend Jeanie came to visit! Wish we could all hang out in real life. Can you imagine what we'd all create together!

    Hey, don't forget to send me your addy. I believe my e-mail link is on the site of my blog. I have to send you that cupcake! It's calorie free...I'll probably hunt up some other goodies. I have quite a bit of metal things you might want to mess around with.


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