February 7, 2013

Hand Wrought

This is the front cover of my muslin book which I made to preserve some crochet sampler pieces I've done.  I used faded, old drapery fabric for the front and added lace.  I also stenciled the title, Hand Wrought, which are another couple of my favorite combination of words. (Kinda like Handgathered : )

More meaningful words that I have come to love are time-worn, care-worn, weep, hence and hence-forth.  I fancy myself a linguist of an era gone by.  Words evoke images, and these images are my muse.  Not bad for a kid who only spoke German til she was about 5.  That's another story for another time...
 This is the spine.

 Some hearts

and some circles.  Thanks for reading my rants.  
TTFN,  Anni

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  1. Your book is precious, Anni! I love the pieces you've made using different colors. I once made a crocheted tablecloth, it took me months and was rather hot and heavy before I was done. You make me long for those days ;)


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