December 2, 2012

We'll Always Have Paris

Yes, thank goodness we'll always have Paris.  It took 26 years of marriage to get there (4 years ago).  Basically, we ate our way from Provence to Paris.  The food...glorious everywhere we went.  The coffee - such a treat.  I went to a few Paris Flea Markets and brought back a few lovelies, including some lace.  We found it very romantic and can't wait to go again.  If you have been to France and/or Paris, please share a memory with me.

365's challenge is scallops and stripes.

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  1. What a lovely memory. I visited Paris with my Grandparents 24 years ago this month. My favorite memory of Paris was the Eiffel Tower. My twin sister was with us and she was a huge Duran Duran fan. Her excitement at being where their video was filmed was cute and left an entertaining endearment. I didn't come to like coffee for another 20 years but I will admit to a pang of jealousy hearing about the coffee! Lovely card with some perfect embellishments.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful card! Thank you for playing along with us over at 365 Cards!!


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