December 18, 2012


Day 289
 Here's my Color Combo card for 365 Cards challenge.  Speaking of colors, please note the ribbon and bow on this card..  I hand dyed the seam binding ribbon, and while that's nothing new for me, I wanted to share how I did these.  I found out you can boil avocado peels and get a shade of pink dye.  Yes, avocado peels:  PINK
Avocado dye bath
Ribbon, silk and embroidery thread

More ribbon, coffee filters and cotton fabric
I will have a separate post for my explorations with avocado dying.  (I've never eaten so many avocados in my life!)

    365 Cards

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  1. Very pretty card. I love reading about your explorations. I would never have guessed pink from avocados!


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