November 22, 2012

Ravishing Bow and Shaggy

Day 264
The quest here was for a ravishing, shiny ribbon.  If the ribbon on top doesn't do it, my ribbon roses might?
I actually made this card as a request for my Sis-in-law.

Day 265
Texture is the basis for this one, and Shaggy is the chosen one.  An owl in itself is not especially shaggy, but the feathers that cover the feet are.  The individual feathers are also; the edges on owl's feathers are ruffled and soft for silent flight.

Some of you may not be aware of my alter ego; I have volunteered with raptors for the last 19 years.  For all those years I worked with a Red-tailed Hawk (and still do), and for five years I had the pleasure of helping out with a little Screech Owl.  Sadly, we lost him, but my knowledge and memory of him will be mine forever.  The owl stamp above is a Barred Owl.
Here's me with the Red-tailed.
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  1. Both cards are very nice, but your first is so soft and pretty it has to be my favorite. I didn't know about your alter ego but that is really neat. We always stay to watch the raptors show at our local renaissance festival. You are more brave than I but I can see the attraction.

  2. Pretty cards! Thanks for playing at 365 Cards.

  3. Красиво и нежно! Спасибо что творите вместе с блогом Шебби шик!


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