February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I thought I'd share some cards I made for female family members.  I crocheted sweet little hearts, adorned them with whatnot and pinned them onto the cards with heart pins that were removable.  The idea was they could pin them on as broaches.

I painted and embossed the hearts on the pins with white embossing powder, dipping it in the powder several times and reheating.  Then I slid and glued some crystal beads up under the hearts.  Viola!

I've been crocheting like crazy lately.  I upload some pics of that soon...


  1. Hi Anni , I'm Elaine , what a lovely card and I like the idea of the crochet brooches for your friends how sweet, and it looks so nice as an accent on the card . Just like you , I love lace and old lace especially.
    Well done

    1. Oh, Elaine. Thanks so much. Your words mean so much since I am a new blogger! Do you have a blog? I will look you up, K?



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