Combine to Create

July 22, 2016

Virginia Beach Art and Soul Retreats


Virginia Beach workshops are scheduled for Sept. 26 - Oct. 1.

That's coming upon us quickly; you know how fast summer goes by.
I am slated to teach Iris Photo Folding Tea Bag Journal and Personal Elements Canvas.  For more information, click this link: 
I had so much fun teaching these workshops in Minneapolis in May, and can't wait to teach again.  My classes were pretty laid-back and friendly.  Lots of laughter and fun.  

Iris Photo Folding Art Journal
Personal Elements Canvas

July 2, 2016

A few random art journal pages

On a Gellie print background, I added orbs and other elements. 

 White work; paper piecing

Foldout art pages.  Just sprayed, and stenciled and had fun.  The right hand page says 'Right the Wrong ~ it's not rocket science'.  The orange spikes are a fabric quilt remnant that I pieced but never added to a quilt.

June 30, 2016

New Art Journal cover

This is a cover of an art journal that I made out of a large cereal box.  I used a rubbing of a hawk's outline that I had made.  Lots of spray, white pen, and delicious stencils were used on a manila file folder.  The folder is strong enough to strengthen the cardboard beneath.

June 27, 2016

Ode to my hawk

 The hawk that I have been caring for, for over 21 years now, has not been faring well.  She has lost some of her appetite and has lost weight.  She developed an infection of some kind and now needs medicine daily.  We are all keeping a close eye on her, and she's in good hands.

Ironically, my daughter is doing an Internship at a Raptor Rehab center and at a Wildlife Discovery Center, and has just held her first Hawk!  Since then she's handled owls and other birds, too.  Yes, I'm proud.  That's my girl.
One door closes, and another one opens.

June 22, 2016

From my gardens ~ Oh June

She is the queen of my garden.  These are huge double cottage roses.

These are cuttings of Lilies of the Valley, Sweet Woodruff, Petunia and Forget-Me-Nots.
I decided to press some of these and some Feverfew.  
And here's what I did with some:
And this:
This is part of an 8x8 canvas I am working on.
Actually I'm making a small series of pieces called 'STILL'.
More on that later.  Thanks for coming into my garden!

June 8, 2016

6x6 art journal pages

Roses Grown of Soil, Sun & Soul
Thought I'd share some random pieces I've done.
The blue page above was started by scraping molding paste, leaving smears and bumps for texture.  The acanthus circle on the left is an inkjet image that I transferred using gel medium after painting the page.
Both the pink and blue backgrounds are ghost prints that are left over from Gelli plate remnants.  The large heart in the background is a stencil that I made.  I love that mother and child image.  Also used: rub-ons, punched heart, die cut star, text and a tiny rose from a magazine.

June 6, 2016

Art and Soul; Iris Folding and Teabag Art Journals

The fruits of our labor

While I was not nervous teaching my first class, these ladies made my first experience a pure pleasure.  All artists in their own right, they amazed me with their skills and ideas.  They came to overlook my flaws with the reminder that 'whatever happens in Beacon, stays in Beacon'.
Thank you, artists for making my first class a pure joy.  

June 4, 2016

Art and Soul Creations

~Personal Elements Assemblage~
from Egypt to a beautiful memory board.

When my student sat down and showed me her collection, it was a goose-bump moment.
Pamela is well traveled and has visited Egypt 7 times.  Her collection consisted of ancient shards of pottery, two vials of sand, an alabaster rock, and other ancient jetsam procured from the Nile river and ancient surrounding land.  Nothing short of jaw-dropping.  Thank you, Pamela, for letting me help you create this amazing memory board.

May 30, 2016

Art and Soul and fun

Well, I did it.  I taught my first classes at Art & Soul in Minneapolis.  This last week has been so wonderful.  I didn't want it to be over.
The ladies I met were amazing artists, all.  I will post pictures when I get settled back home.
I want to thank Glenny and Maria and the whole staff of Art & Soul.  I felt welcome from the moment I walked in.
I can't wait to do it again!

May 20, 2016

Moon Hares

I stumbled upon some ideas on Pinterest about paper cutting that are just beautiful.  So, like most things I admire,  I wanted to try my hand at it.   It isn't much different from the snowflake cutting we did as kids.  For my first ones I only worked with a square fold.  I sketched out a basic design, folded the square and cut out the design.  You may notice that one set above have only one ear.  Oops, sorry buns.
 These are the remains of the samples I made.
In the finished project above, I adhered the cutouts on a square of black cardstock.  Then I laid a teabag over them and used gel medium to bring that wonderful transparency I've been playing around with.  The hares started out on this buff colored paper, but the teabag 'stained' them so lovely.  The running hares were from the other cutout and painted black.

Ancient Pagans believed that seeing a hare gazing at the moon was a sign of fertility, growth, abundance and fortune.  Probably not when you cut their ear off, tho.  ):
Example from Pinterest