June 26, 2017

Art and Soul; Virginia Beach

Mark your calendars for October 2-8 to join us at the beach.  Below is an actual picture that I took while strolling along the shore.  October is the perfect time for a get-away.
Above are a few more samples of wire that I bent and formed and then rusted for Rust and the ArtBound Book.
Here's more info:

June 21, 2017

Rust and the ArtBound Book

I am excited to teach this workshop at Art and Soul Virginia Beach this year!
Pictured above is a sample of thin and thick wire we will form into shapes.  You can form an image or just free form it.  All the wire will be provided in class.  Just bring you own tools.  More info can be found HERE.

June 13, 2017

Quest 52 at Art & Soul/Virginia Beach

I am constantly inspired by art found on Pinterest.  The pieces above are one example of what resonates with me.  Taking simple things and elevating the meaning or purpose thru hand wrought care.  Simple weaving around rocks and shells and plastic rings. This basket stitch is elementary and yet so effective here.  Find small flat rocks and shells and whatevers that you find and bring them in your stash.  I will be happy to show you how I did these in this workshop (bring a dull embroidery needle and threads.  I'll probably have some in my stash, too).

The backgrounds were chosen after the elements were made.  Darks and lights.  Grids and stamps.  Rubbings on black paper.  Art is not meant to be difficult.

This class and all the info can be found here:

June 7, 2017

Let's make little dresses at the beach

Another sample of Quest 52 using playing cards as art substrates.  I made a sample cutout of a simple little dress and searched thru my stash and magazine pages for the 4 shown above.  Then I just cut them out and further decorated them.  Not rocket science, not even brain surgery.  Just artful fun.

June 4, 2017

Ahhh, June

Good things happen in June around here.  My gardens never look better than in June.  These are some species roses I saved from destruction in our downtown village area over 15 years ago.  This rose just gives and gives each June.  And the scent...that's how I know it's not a hybrid.

May 31, 2017

Art and Soul, On the Beach. Oct 2017

Each of these samples of altered playing cards features a used round tea bag.  Upon each is a wee collage of white and reddish pinks.  From top left, I bundled beads like a bouquet and attached it to a painted grid.  Below that is a round piece of white plaster wrap with a sprig of a die cut.  Above right is wire, a tag and a lace cutting.  Below right is a felt seed pod that I sewed with beads.  The art here is created thru the sum of it's parts.  Each can stand alone, but a grouping creates interest.
Not rocket science, just collage fun.  Join me at Art & Soul:

May 27, 2017

Onward and Forward

I'm back with a few posts featuring altered playing cards.  I am introducing this workshop at Art & Soul, Virginia Beach in October.  The class is called Quest 52.
 We will be creating art in a small format.  We will work by theme x 4.  That means each layout of four cards in our journal will carry a common subject.  The four above are a sample of that using vessels.  Not ships and boats (although that can be a subject for someone), but urns and bowls.
Each of the 'vessels' are hand cut and made using magazine pages.

Registration and sign up can be found Here:

Look for more Art & Soul posts coming...


May 17, 2017

Orbs in Other Orbs

More sketching.  This time with white gel pen on black.  There are also rubbings with white and gold colored pencils.
As with most of my pieces, this started out in fragments and then pieced to make the whole.  Anyway, I like mystery and questions in art, and that little door with wonky steps satisfied that.

May 4, 2017

Lute in Old San Juan

The tower was inspired by a fort we saw in Old San Juan, PR while on a cruise port call.  Castillo de San Felipe de Morro, 16th century
The papers used to make the tower are all scraps I had.  The roof is a left over from a file folder I sprayed black that left a spotted look along the edges.  The rest is sketched on to create depth.  The lute itself was sketched on thick translucent paper and cut out.  The rest is collaged with vintage paper, old lace and gelli printed leftovers.  The red at the bottom is the inside of a security envelope.  Kind of rare seeing red instead of blue.

April 29, 2017


The background on this was painted and stenciled over at least twice before I liked it.  Then it sat for a while.  Weeks later, I plopped a rusted coffee filter on top.  I washed the whole thing with a white acrylic glaze to lighten it up.  Then I proceeded to sketch, sketch, sketch.

The main focus, the 3 rabbit circle, was done separately and placed after I stenciled a bit to continue the design with the background.  I was inspired by this image of a Celtic design and sketched it.
I sketched the shelf and the cloth hanging from it.  I've been experimenting with drawing fabric with transparency/translucency.  Here's a hint to sketching; do it on tissue paper and use gel medium to glue it down.  The pencil stays and the tissue disappears.  The farmer in the frame, upper left, was done like this.  (I also used this snippet in my blog header above.)

None of this is planned out at the beginning.  I can't work that way.  This collage became a story that evolved around the rabbits.  The farmer above added mystery to an untold story that not even I know.