Combine to Create

January 22, 2017

More Quest 52 Card Ideas:

The theme in these 4 cards above, in case you haven't noticed, is RABBITS.  All the rabbits here were made by me: bottom R is a homemade stencil, bottom L is an eraser that I carved a lonnnng time ago, the upper R is a paint-dipped toy rabbit that I stamped, and behind the door......

scroll down to see....

A sketched rabbit. 
 I gave him bent wire glasses, and fashioned a jaunty red-striped vest.  This card is an 'interactive' one, and is open to suggestion for your own ideas.

~Art and Soul~
Be there or be square!

January 18, 2017

Art and Soul; Join the Quest

In my workshop Quest 52, we will creating 4 cards at a time.  We will be working in a playing card sized format with a common theme in all 4 cards.  The common theme in the above samples are that all are bisected horizontally, among other likenessess too.  See?  Not rocket science; just fun.  Your themes may differ from everyone else, or I can prescribe a theme, 4 cards at a time. 
Check in at this blog and see what other themes and ideas I've come up with.

I am always looking for new items and techniques to use in my art.  In the upper left card, I used parchment baking paper that has been browned in my oven.  This idea struck me at Christmas time, when pie crusts that I baked came out with the paper in that lovely patina of sepia tone!!  Not only that, but it's translucent.  You may be seeing more of that in my art...

January 9, 2017

Join The Quest

QUEST 52 - Altered Playing Card Journal
At Art and Soul in Minneapolis this Spring, I will be teaching this workshop.  

We will start by making a 3D pocket triangle which we will fill with a few scrolls of written ‘personal quests’. The pocket will be adhered to the cover of the journal, along with a glass encased title that is wrapped and mounted. Our journals will hold 52 altered playing cards that we will alter using various mixed media techniques, both tried and new.
Use this portal to connect to my actual page:

January 6, 2017

Minneapolis 2017

A new year is upon us, and new Art and Soul 
workshops are ready.  I am teaching this 'Embedded Bottles Wall Hanging' class.
This class is a half day (3 hour) quickie.

The taller, crackled bottle will be sealed with any personal heartfelt notion you wish. The two glass bottles may be filled with any small items that you wish. One of my sample bottles contains wool remnants from an old blanket, the other, a strip of vintage text.  These two clear bottles can be removed and refilled anytime; the crackled bottle cannot be removed or reopened, thereby sealing your secret inside.

January 3, 2017

Minneapolis 2017 April 26- May 1

Here is a preview of my 'Embedded Bottles' workshop.

We will start out by altering three diminutive bottles with paint, crackle, beads, wax thread and whatever else we see fit. The taller, crackled bottle will be sealed with secrets, poems, memories, or any personal heartfelt notion you wish. The two glass bottles may be filled with any small items that you wish. My samples contain wool remnants from a favorite blanket, the other, a strip of vintage text. (Watch my blog for different ideas, inspiration and colorways.) We will place a small filigree fence in place to hold the bottles in the niche. The two clear bottles can be removed anytime; the secreted bottle cannot be removed.

December 4, 2016

Every step I took was a lesson in beauty

 This is a picture I took today whilst hiking my woods.  Four and a half miles of this.  
Our first snow this winter.
When I got home, I saw a female Cooper's Hawk alight on one of our trees in the backyard.
She was also beautiful. 
A few ponderings while walking in this poetic forest today:   I figured out that I live by the beat of a mother's heart; almost too emotional at times.  About everything, not just kids.  I also figured out that I think God is a metaphor for nature, not the other way around.  Today was a reflective kind of day.

December 1, 2016

A few Christmas cards

Like snowflakes, no two are ever alike.  There is a slight variation along the same principle.
Reason being, it keeps me entertained during the process.

November 29, 2016

Isabel's Christmas gift book

Isabel's book for Christmas.  
She shares my love of all things birds (raptors, mostly), and it's part of her curriculum at school.
The inside front cover.

November 28, 2016

More handmade books

 I've been having fun putting these gifts together for all the women on my Christmas list.
The process goes faster for each book I make.  They all start out as heavy chipboard pieces that I cut to size for the covers.  The binding is waxed hemp. 
 I had the most fun designing my daughter's book, and will post pictures when finished.