August 7, 2017

Embedded Bottles

The third workshop I will be teaching in Virginia Beach is Embedded Bottles Wall Hanging.  This is a 3 hour morning class.  Our goal is to alter these wee bottles with wax, beads, thread, ribbon, crackle and whatever we can come up with.  The clear bottles will contain tokens of our choosing.  My sample contains wool remnants and vintage text.  They can be personal or just visually pleasing.  

The third wooden bottle will be crackle finished on the outside and filled with a written personal wish, secret, promise, memory or poem.  That part is up to you.  Whatever is inside will be sealed and kept secret.

I will have more samples and ideas soon.  Read more about this class here:

July 31, 2017

Playing with sun printing

 I found packets of Lumi Inkodye on clearance at Joann's last week.  A few days ago I played.  It appears grey or black but is more blue in person (see pics below).  The flower spray at the top are Baby's Breath from a Mother's Day bouquet.  The little fern and flower are from my garden.  This one actually turned out good enough to frame and display.

The top is a rusted piece of metal that you've seen me rust with.  In fact, a bit of rust transferred too.  The bottoms are from stencils I've made.  One from a computer vector image and the other from a die-cut.  
Living and learning.

July 26, 2017

Binding the Demi-lune Book

While binding a book isn't difficult, I find the need to concentrate the whole way thru.  I will have thorough instructions and suggestions.
We will use the 'long-stitch- method of binding using hemp, bamboo or strong cotton cord that will be provided in class.  I will have many colors available, tho you may bring your own favorite.
  After our journals are bound, we have the option to weave sticks of bamboo into the binding.  It's a cool look for the finale of our project!

Register here:

July 21, 2017

Rust & the ArtBound Book

Above is a sample of how our finished demi-lune book covers may turn out.  While I've sprayed, stenciled, stamped and altered the cover before I bound it, the inside, rusted pages will be worked on after they're bound.
Inside front cover

Visit this workshop page here:

July 15, 2017

Serendipity at the Beach

When we make art, not everything is predictable.  The end results are serendipitous.  But you already know that.  Transferring rust is the poster child of serendipity.  Embrace the outcome no matter what it brings.  That's the fun in the function of rusting   :p

Join us at Art & Soul 2017, Virginia Beach:

July 12, 2017

Reusing our Rusty Wire...

This is an example of a way I reused a rusty wire that I had shaped.  First I brushed gel medium over it to stabilize the rust.  Then I simply used a few stitches of brown thread and sewed it directly onto the collage.

We will be bending and manipulating more wire in Virginia Beach.  Join us here:

July 10, 2017

Wire Words for Art

 While it is not hard to shape wire into words, it has a teensy learning curve to it.
 I manipulate and bend the wire just like I would write it.  From left to right.
Rather than centering a design, I focus on one half, where it will show when folded into a demi-lune shape.
Another lacy, rusty sample.
Please join me in Virginia Beach and we'll rust the day away.
To register and read more about it go directly to my workshop here:

July 6, 2017


 The results are in.  The rust from my shaped wire transferred beautifully.  Perfect? --- no.
What fun would that be?  These rusted coffee filters will be folded in half and made into signatures for us to bind into a demi-lune shape.  More on that later.
All of this fun is brought to you by:

July 5, 2017

Ready to Rust

Yesterday I worked up some more wire shapes.  As you can see, they are simple outlines.  Bring your own imagination and ideas for this Workshop:

I will rust these today and sample the transfers.

June 30, 2017

Rust and Lace

 More wire shape ideas to rust.  The finished rusted coffee filter below highlights two of the rusty elements above.
The lacy rust on the left is done with metal from a roll that I found in a floral department of a craft store.  I crossed my fingers and hoped it rusted.  It did, and the results are beautiful.  The filter was folded over the design and both sides transferred.  Love that.  
I have A LOT of this metal to share and another lacy pattern that will be available in class.

Check out the details here: