Combine to Create

February 3, 2016

New Tea Bag Art

I actually made these tea bag bundles about a month ago.  I used a square punch to create stacks of tea bags mixed with manila card stock (for stability).  Using waxed brown thread I tied them up into wee bundles.  The center one has red wax that I had in my stash.  What?!?  Who has dribbles of red wax hanging around?  I do.  It's from a Bonbel cheese wrapper that I peeled off and heated up in my hands like clay.  Because who knows when you might need a dribble of wax? ;>
The layers are black card stock, a clipped old map from a magazine, brown card stock that I bleach stamped, a bit of crochet that I made then stiffened, and a tag that says 'Merchant'.  It's the same image I used in my blog header above.  If you scroll up you'll see it.
Just another 'Tea Bag' art idea I had to add to my tea bag journal.  Which as you all know by now, is a workshop that I will be teaching in May at ART & SOUL.

I have a few more 'tea baggage' art to blog in the coming week.  See you then.

I added this piece to Let's Play February to use neglected art supply - brown card stock and red labels:

January 30, 2016

Art Journal Pages

 This beautiful angel stencil is from Stencil 1.  Also used: crackle paste, acrylic paints, walnut ink, rubber stamp
 In the above page, I used modeling paste & stencils, acrylic paint, art sprays, gesso, pencil, permanent marker and walnut ink.
  Art sprays, stencil, walnut ink, distress ink 
 I use a lot of Gothic images in my art lately.  Don't know why; just that I find them deliciously mysterious.  

January 22, 2016

Our Screech Owl

Here's a selfie with our Screech Owl.  She is not even 5 inches tall.  She is a 'grey phase' Screech as opposed to the tawny color that our hawk is.  She is blind in one eye; we get our birds from raptor rehab centers when they cannot be released back to the wild.
Here in the palm of my hand is one of her feathers.  Diminutive and so dear.

January 18, 2016

Three more journal pages

 Gentling.  I'm an avid reader and when I come across a phrase or words I like, I write it down to maybe use some day.  'Gentling' is such a word for me.

 .Pastel cathedral window.  Rarely do I use any shade of purple in my art.  I stamped the window (from Chocolate Baroque Stamps) on sprayed deli paper.

More hand painted roses.  This is a two part page.  I found this idea from Nika In Wonderland on Pinterest.  The heart opens up to reveal the rest of the text. 
I made this with my husband in mind.  We recently had our 32nd anniversary.  A long time...

January 12, 2016

Three New Art Journal Pages

The dear little girl in the picture above is St.Teresa as a child.  Pure benevolence in that little face.

The sketch above is a practice in perspective and depth.
 Just some sketched markings

January 11, 2016

A few tea bag sketches

 These beautifully rose-toned tea bags are compliments of our tea-drinking daughter.  The red teas are Black Cherry Red and Moroccan Pomegranate Red by Celestial Seasonings.
I love the tones.  Thanks Isabel.
The one on the left is an 'Owlery', inspiration coming from Harry Potter for that one.
The other is a fairy-tale tower and some boats.

I have been collecting teabags for my Art and Soul
workshops.  Hop on over to register now:
Art and Soul

January 6, 2016

Happy New Year

Anni and Bu
I thought I'd share a recent selfie that I took of me and the Red-tailed hawk I care for. 
She came to us 26 years ago after being rescued from an accident in which her right wing was broken.  She was rehabilitated, but not entirely.  She, along with our Screech Owl, are captive raptors used for education at Ryerson Forest Preserve in Illinois.  Many children have gotten to see our hawk and owl up close in the many programs they are used for.

I'll try to get a selfie with our owl soon.

December 20, 2015

Adding your initial

Art and Soul
Personal Elements and Monogram Assemblage workshop
The A above is from a rubber stamp I have.  I trimmed it down to fit under an antique lens.
There are many ways to add 3 dimensional initials or monograms.  Some of the samples above are scrapbooking letters of the alphabet.  The triangle is a game piece turned upside down, the capital T is an old brass stencil with paper behind it.  All are 3D and would require a good adhesive to stick on our crackle board background.
Most of these are left over die cut letters, positive and negative.  They are not all 3D, but that's still an option.
I added my initial to a scrap of dyed muslin with some tiny buttons.

December 16, 2015

Art and Soul ~ more Personal Elements and Monogram Assemblage

A few more samples of building a composition from my stash.
the stash

Again, I didn't add my monogram or initial to these as we will in class.  I will have samples in the near future of more composition and monogram ideas.
To visit the Art and Soul workshop retreat site and to register, just press here:

December 11, 2015

Art and Soul ~ It's not Rocket Science

Okay.  The picture above is an example of how I hoard collect things.  These are my 'might need it someday' stash.  
 I sat down and composed an arrangement of random things from the boxes.  No items were used twice.
You get the idea.  Of course we will be adding our Initial or monogram along with the other goodies.
These are samples of how we'll go about creating an art board in my Art and Soul Personal Elements and Monogram Assemblage workshops, slated for Minneapolis in May and Virginia Beach in Sept./Oct., 2016.  It's not rocket science, just fun.  
More samples to come...