Combine to Create

November 28, 2015

A few Gelli Pieces

Much like you all, I make art everyday, given the chance.  I just bought a whole box of old corporate typing paper from Good Will for $2.00.  The consistency is that of deli paper.  I got my Gelli plate out and experimented with a few ideas.  The one above had a Neapolitan ice cream look to it.  I added this and that and now it reminds me of a more feminine Van Gogh. 
A couple more Gelli goodies:
Just having fun.  ~A

November 24, 2015

Crackle, crackle

Love this porcelain crackle.  I've used it for backgrounds and a couple of book covers, too.
Just like other crackle applications, the thicker you spread it the larger the cracks.  You can see clearly where I laid thicker applications in the sample above.
I made this journal from an old address book of ours.  It was actually a collaborative effort with 3 other artists.  I made the book and cardstock to fit inside.  I mailed 2-3 cardstock pieces to each participant and they sent them back to me finished.  I completed the book and it actually got published in a Somerset Studio issue!

Come and learn this beautiful technique in our workshop at ART AND SOUL in Minneapolis in May. Can't make the May retreat?  Sign up for the Virginia Beach retreat in October, 2016!

November 23, 2015

Attention Collectors...

Calling all collectors!  You know who you are...
We are visual people, us collectors.  We don't have room for this stuff, but that doesn't matter.  We collect it anyway.  The canvas pictured above has a few wooden pieces of furniture molding that could very well be from the turn of the century. I find beauty in the aged, chipped and broken fragments that were probably handmade.
Below is a copy of an article that I wrote for Somerset Studio.  It features four of my art canvases.

Gather your artifacts and join me at ART AND SOUL
 in Minneapolis in May, 2016.

November 13, 2015

Arifacts, elements and fragments

A canvas arranged with elements is like a storyboard.  No two will ever be identical, and that's what makes this type of art a personal, visual story.  The canvas above is based on blue colors.  In this photo, the two metal items appear black, but are actually patina verdigris blue/green. 

One of the boards that I follow on Pinterest shows many wonderful examples of collections with an eye to art.  Very inspirational.  Here's a link:


November 6, 2015

Art & Soul Porcelain Crackle Collage

I will be teaching this wonderful crackle art technique at  
in May, 2016.  It's the finest crackle medium I've found, and creates a beautiful porcelain crackle background.  This medium will be supplied in class.
What will not be supplied are the bits of collage that you are asked to bring to make your piece your own.  We will artfully create a personal collage board in a pleasing composition. Each board will contain your initial or monogram.

~Artifacts, Elements and Fragments~
I have been a collector of objects for as long as I remember.  I have boxes of these goodies that I keep in my art room.  The picture above simply features old buttons, snips of fabric, part of an antique drawer with dove-tailed ends and my initial A under a horn-rimmed lens.  Your own bits need not be antiques.  My next posts will be filled many more ideas.

Below is a spread of an article I wrote for Somerset Studio using some of my finished collages.

October 30, 2015

Art and Soul~Iris Photo Folding

Rose Journal
Ahhh~the roses.  
Here's another example of what we can do with the photo iris folding technique.  When I saw this rose image I knew it would be a great candidate for layering with iris folding.  
An easy technique that renders huge results.   I invite you to learn more about this layering technique in a class I am teaching at  
 Minneapolis, MN
May 23 - 29, 2016

Sign up before November 1.  After that the prices go up.
Link up here:

October 25, 2015

Art & Soul, May 2016

Tea Bag Art Journal Cover

An easy way to add interest and texture is by manipulating paper into layers.  In my Art & Soul class, we will work step by step to achieve this beautiful front cover for our Tea Bag Art Journal.  

There's still time to take advantage of our early registration offer! Sign up before November 1st, and you'll get reduced pricing for full day classes and 30% off your registration fee!
  Photo folding is different than regular iris folding.  Not only the results, but with photo folding you're able to personalize with your own images.
Little Iris
Little Iris is mounted on an 8x8 canvas.

October 15, 2015

Leaving Your Mark

Alchemical Chart
Long before there was the written word, humans communicated with marks.  There are markings found of Africans, Native Indians and like the chart above, science.  There are probably as many marks as there are ideas.

Mark making means many things to many people.  Here's my interpretation:
 Mark making in your own art puts a 'signature' on your piece.  And it is always hand wrought.  Whether it's scratched, indented, embedded, sewn, or simply drawn, it's your mark on your art.

The marks I made above were from a recent post.
Here's the link: Rabbit Tea House

Can you copy a mark off a chart?  Of course.  Many of the markings in the chart above inspire me to use them.  Much like the art you're making, it's your interpretation.

October 5, 2015

Tea Bags in Space?

Lots of texture in this one, created with modeling paste, a palette knife and a star stencil.  I made the large orb by spraying into a recycled cardboard tube.  The shading was already there from the acrylic paint I applied first.  Then I just wove tea bag ends and adhered them.  Messy but fun!

September 25, 2015

Tea Bags and Sketches

Have you heard of Deli paper that's being used with the Gelli Plate?  I got a box but haven't tried it with my Gelli Plate yet.  I have, however, sprayed it with art sprays and let it blend together.  After it dried, I used it as the background for this page.  It feels like the tea bags I use, and is semi-transparent as well.
The humble buildings I sketched are my 'mark making' addition to the page.  More on that in the near future.