November 15, 2017

Art Orb

I have been perusing embroidery ideas, and 'Blackwork' has intrigued me.  I love the shading that can be accomplished here.  I used gradations of red thread and just played.  The orb itself is 3".

November 13, 2017

A little fabric folding...

Pinterest interest again...
I just acquired this delicious 100% linen (from GoodWill), and it lent itself beautifully for folding.  The dimensions are about 8 x 8, but that center hole is only about 1".  It begged to be filled with something so I embroidered a wee sprig and berry.

If anyone owns but wants to sell their book Fabric Manipulations, email me please.  I would love to add that one to my library.  

November 9, 2017

Eco-Dying with Black Beans

With the inspiration that I harvest from (mostly) Pinterest, I find my way thru many new experiments that I just HAVE to try.
Dying with black beans, no exception.  I explained how I did it below.
My finished product turned more purplish-blue than blue, but no problem here.  Up on the right is some thread I threw in too.

You soak one bag of raw black beans in water for 2 days.  No heat, just cover it and wait....
Transfer just the liquid into a container using a sieve.  I then filled 2 lidded jars with the dye and stuck my fabric and thread in those for another 2 days.  I quickly rinsed everything out and hung them to dry.  I will posted pics of some embroidery I've done on them.

October 16, 2017

New Selfies with my Hawk

I took some selfies with my favorite hawk!  We took a little walk and I spotted our shadows on the tarmac.  I see an art project happening from this one...

Here we are from the front on a beautiful October day at Ryerson.

October 14, 2017

Art & Soul Virginia Beach 2017

I so enjoyed teaching my Art & Soul workshops at Virginia Beach.  The ladies who came were such a joy to work with.  Hand 4 people the same supplies and see 4 different art pieces.  I loved it.
Thanks to Glenny and her amazing staff for yet another successful art journey.

I walked the beach daily after my classes were done for the day.

September 25, 2017

Art & Soul Quest 52

Quest 52: Art on a small scale.
Altered playing cards.  We will be creating these nuggets of art - four cards at a time with a similar theme.  

September 22, 2017

Virginia Beach * Oct. 2-8

Almost time for Art and Soul Virginal Beach!  The flight and hotel arrangements are made, supplies are slowly getting packed, and I'm ready to be on that beautiful shore again.

Please join us:

September 7, 2017

Three Art and Soul workshops with links:




Sign up for one or three!  There's still room for you.

September 4, 2017

More Rust Journal Ideas

I worked up another cover idea for our Rust and the ArtBound Book.  All our covers will start out manila-folder color.  What we do with them is the art part.

The child is a stamp that I made with thin hobby foam.  This is super easy to do.  Find an image online or a magazine that resonates with you. Cut the image out and trace onto foam.  Cut the shape out of the foam, tweaking it if you want to - I lengthened the pole that way.  Then adhere it onto foam-core board and it's ready.  I remember this image was of a child playing on the beach.  He was wearing a long t shirt.  I think it's cool that he is a mysterious child now.  Mystery in art provokes wonder and interest.

Please join us for this workshop in Virginia Beach.  There are still openings.  Find out more here:

Rust and the ArtBound Book

Feel free to email me anytime at

September 1, 2017

Bottles and Berries

There is still room in my Embedded Bottles class.  Join us for a pleasant morning of creating something a bit different!
In my sample above, the outside has a shabby chic-y look to it.  In contrast, the niche is the focal point.  A bit of fabric is attached in the niche background.  I have attached a trio of 'berries' that I wired up around the largest bottle.  The red wax is from those little cheeses you buy.  It is malleable and easy to wrap around anything.  More on that craziness here:  Cheese wax 

More info on this workshop here:
Embedded Bottles