Combine to Create

May 3, 2016

The world will soon be ready to receive your talents

I have been experimenting with doing rubbings, and on this background you see a plethora of different samplings I did.  I used several embossing folders, some plastic templates from Ten Seconds Studio, and stencils.  I used sketch pencils size H or HB.

When our son Jake graduated college, I made him a card with this profound phrase on it.  He graduated with an Engineering degree from Colorado University.  He is now 29 and a Senior Design Engineer for a company outside of Denver.  We are very proud.  

Anyway, feel free to use the phrase for any graduates you may have.  It's a good one.

April 28, 2016

Encaustic and a cheese wax heart

Okay.  Remember when I confessed that I save and use the red wax from Bonbel cheese and used it for this project:
 Well, I pulled more out from my stash and formed a wee heart.  I then gathered straw (from an old broom) and wrapped it with red thread.  A simple but careful blast with a craft heat gun, and it melted into the heart.
I attached vintage book paper to a grey tag.  Then I dipped it into melted bees wax and pressed a rubber stamp into the cooling wax.  That's the relief you see in the lower right corner.  I then adorned it with a leaf and stamped air-dry clay.  This tag will probably end up as part of a journal page.

April 23, 2016

Flight on a teabag

After embossing Tim Holtz's wing onto a teabag, I randomly dry brushed white paint around and over the wings.  Then I used my Iced Spruce Distress marker to highlight around the perimeter.  
Sometimes I think I single handedly made Mr. Holtz a millionaire ;>

The background is sprayed with colors and then water, then more spray and then dried with a heat gun.  The substrate is semi glossy photo paper that took the colors beautifully.
The design at the bottom is from a stencil and molding paste.  I shaded it a bit with carbon pencil.
Want to learn more about how to utilize teabags into your art?
You know what to do...

April 20, 2016

Jimi Wisdom

Just a quick silly piece that was inspired from one of the quotes on a tea bag tab.  The full quote is "You have to go crazy and be crazy.  Craziness is like heaven" ~Jimi Hendrix
Love it!

April 17, 2016

Teabag Bunny; Sketching Optional

I sketched this guy on an unfolded 5 1/2 x 3 1/2" teabag.  He ended up here:
 Do you have to sketch on your teabags?  Abso not!!  There are only a million ways to do art with a teabag.  You will learn a few in my Art and Soul
 class in May.  Hope to see ya there. 

April 14, 2016

Teabag Sketching for Art and Soul

The background for this page was made by painting watercolor paper with a layer of black India Ink.  Then I used White Linen spray over a stencil.  The effect was shadowy and grungy and yummy.  The strip down the left is black card stock that I stamped with white.  This is a stamp I made out of craft foam pieces left over from a die cut.  You are guaranteed to get a personal, one of a kind design that way.  
Don't forget to sign up for Art and Soul soon.  I have been having fun preparing for my classes.  For my Iris Photo Folding and Tea Bag Art Journal, I have been constructing the journals that you will be playing with.  I just made a stash of hand dyed soft ribbon to adorn the journals:
Sign up here:

April 11, 2016

More Small Things


More 'quadrants of composition' from my Small Things Close
art journal. 
  In a closeup view of one of the squares, there appears to be a tiny image that looks like a statue, maybe on a cliff, against a golden sky.  Just a smattering of paint and a serendipitous find from one of my leftovers.
Orbs, orbs and more orbs = morbs.  The backgrounds above are all from my Gelli playing stash.
Orbs again?  Why not?

March 28, 2016

Small things pink

How and why are these things made?  I try things and experiment with 'what if, and reinvent the wheel constantly in my art room.  Then I have a lot of arty debris on my work table and I get another 'what if' feeling and move things around and combine them until I like it.  Then I have those finished things floating around and decide to make a book/art journal to put them all in.  Your basic OCD stuff.  Then, I blog about it.  All this keeps me sane and out of trouble. :p
A little bit of this, a bit of that...viola.  
The pink background was from my Gelli plate making stash.  The white design comes from embossing a Spellbinder's Gilded Life plate on shiny white cardboard; the kind that comes in packaging.  Because it was so thick, some of the designs broke off, like a die instead of just 

March 17, 2016

More orbs, etc.

Yes, more orbs.  They occur in almost all my art.  The shaded ones on the right side were punched out of an old book, and the sepia tones are natural.  Then I played with positive and negative space.  
The top two black patterned elements are a technique I learned on Pinterest, I think.  What you do is sand dark magazine pages over an embossing folder; essentially they are rubbings.
I made quite a few, so they may show up in future art pieces.

March 14, 2016


I love orbs.  This is also in my Small Things Close journal, but in a different format.  I hardly ever plan exactly how something will turn out.  I shaded two circles on paper, cut them out and stacked them.  Very minimalist, n'est-ce pas?