May 16, 2018

More Earthen Elements

I am offering this short and sweet half day class in Virginia Beach this year at Art & Soul.  
We will be casting 3 Eco Relief tiles that will be ready to hang.  The finished sizes are approx. 2 x 3.

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May 10, 2018

Maple Seed Relief

I picked up this stemmed grouping of maple pods off our deck.  I have found that the fresher the flora, the more likely chance of natural color transfer into the plaster.  You can see the light tans that came off this one.  Below is a sample that transferred the greens of the oak leaves.

I left it this way, but we can also lightly white-wash it with paint.  Options, options.

This workshop is a quick half day class at Art & Soul
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May 5, 2018

Rusty Heart

Another experiment, not as successful, is a rusted wire heart placed between layers of wet plaster sheets.  What I hoped for was an explosion of rust spreading out of the rusted form.  I even sprayed it with water, alas, to no avail.  I guess a little amount of rust is better then none.  I want to experiment more with this technique before October's Virginia Beach workshop.

The wee bottle and it's string is there for the burst of color I did not get with the rust.  Inside the bottle are scraps of left over plaster wrap.

Aaaah - Virginia Beach in October
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April 27, 2018

Celestial Offering

I formed a wonky moon out of plaster and let it dry.  It is mounted on a stained background with a wax heart in the middle.  If you're an old time reader to my blog, you might know about my red wax craziness.  It is formed from the outer wax from mini Babybel cheese:
Image result for babybel cheese
After you form it into a shape, you can hit it with a quick heat gun to stick.
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April 21, 2018

3D Vessels

This was an experiment that I tried, and it worked.  Hard to tell from the image, but the boat is 3D.  In other words, it's like a pocket.  You could actually fill it with something if you want.  In this class, you can opt to build your boat large or small.  My sample is 4 inches long.  

I had fun with this one and actually made a little fleet of tiny 3D boats to practice.  Bring your imagination and let's mold some plaster wrap!

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April 15, 2018

A simple leaf. Art & Soul

Molding, shaping, playing.
The base of this leaf is metal wire onto which I attached a glob of plaster wrap and hand shaped it.  The background is a die cut from a coffee filter that I rusted in Art and Soul 2017.  The arc next to it is a scrap of air-dry clay I kept from another project.
Simple sometimes makes the strongest perception.  Play and plan along the way and come up with your own Mindful Offerings.

 Sundays are when I care for and feed our 30 year old hawk, (that was yesterday, at the time of this post.)  I'm always inspired when I spend time in and around the forest and my two charges, the hawk and owl.  Yesterday I met a mom and her two small children there.  The mom was putting mittens on her little girl (30 something degrees here still), and her purse was opened on the ground.  Inside I saw two sticks. The sticks were found by her children.  I immediately recognized a kindred spirit in motherhood.  While my two are adults now, that's how I nurtured them.  Through nature.  Nature played a huge part in fostering important values I hope my kids still have.
Mindful mothering at it's best.

April 12, 2018

A Poem Behind the Door...

In summer when I passed the place
I had to stop and lift my face,
A bird with an angelic gift
Was singing in it sweet and swift.

 I love and collect old poetry books, and can usually find something to fit into a piece of art where needed.  Bring some poetry or not, but please join us in Virginia Beach.

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April 9, 2018

Mindful Offerings Workshop. Come and learn.

  I'm back after a little break from my blogging responsibilities.  Thanks for still reading this if you're here.  
I'm back to shamelessly promote my Art and Soul workshops, this being my favorite so far.  
Mindful Offerings
In the sample above, I fashioned a door out of plaster.  It actually opens when the sticks are removed.   The little door is hinged on the fold.  I will try to remember to post a pic with the door actually opened.  I like adding little mysteries like this to my work.  I like that it fosters further interest in a handmade piece of art.
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February 26, 2018

3-D Plaster Manipulation

An offering on a platter.  Three beads (eggs) are sewn into the platter made of plaster.  I have found that watercolor paint is perfect with dried plaster.

I am happy to offer this class in Virginia Beach in October.
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February 6, 2018

Virginia Beach Worksops, cont'd.

In this sample, an arched doorway from a teabag is layered onto the plaster.  My signature wheat stalk (saved from an old straw broom) completes the tableau.  Find out more here: