Combine to Create

August 28, 2016

More pears? What's up with all these pears?

Yes, more art pears.  Teabag art pears, that is.  When you cover any white paper with teabags you get a delicious sepia toned coloring.  So much of my work lately features a black background and the sepia tone pops right off the page.  
The top pear has a circle design that was transferred on via gel medium.  The smaller circle is just sketched with a fine lined marker.  The large circle around the pears is cut from craft plastic grid and painted.  The lace is fussy cut from old lace curtains.

Join my teabag art workshop in Virginia Beach.  I have lots of cool teabag art ideas:

August 22, 2016

Playing with pears

Just a small composition I created on a whim.  The body of the pear is made from sanding dark colored magazine pages over a raised pattern.  I made a whole bunch of pages at one time and use them as I need them.
BTW, the vintage paper to the left is really vintage and not aged by me.  I have a whole book of it that I found at a rummage or garage sale.  And bonus: it's in French.

August 19, 2016

Virginia Beach 45 Minute classes

Art and Soul Retreats is offering quick little 45 min. workshops in Virginia Beach this Sept. 26 - Oct 1.  We will be making a fast and very detailed triptych of pears in a comfortable, fun setting.  Mounting them on black cardstock with a grey background pops these beauties right out.  

Come join our class!  Use this link to take you directly to the page:

August 18, 2016

Hearts and Finial

Two more 52's.  The finial is sketched and the little hearts were punched out of magazine pages and gradated.  Easy and fun.

August 15, 2016


Two 52 cards that I sketched from pictures and watercolored.

BTW ~ Our Colorado vacation was wonderful and the newly-weds are happy.  That makes us happy.

August 11, 2016

New Tea Bag Art ~Art & Soul Virginia Beach!

I've been all about pears in my art lately, so I decided to do a few with tea bags.  I cut out some pears out of tea bags and used the negative.  I adhered it to the black page, rendering it darker.  The look is actually kind of shadowy and compliments the darkness.  I did a sort of rubbing over a stencil to get a design onto black magazine pages.  That's where the pear came from.
I will be teaching the tea bag art Journal class in Virginia Beach.  Please join me!  
Link here:  Art and Soul

July 29, 2016

52 by Anni

Here is a 52 with a paper-pieced vessel. 

As you read this, we are in Colorado visiting our son, Jake.  On last Christmas Eve, he and his girlfriend told us they were getting married, but eloping to Yellowstone NP to do it.  So now they are newly married and we came out to see them.  Our family tree has grown with the addition of Kate in it, and we couldn't be happier!

July 26, 2016

52 Card Pick-up of my own

Some very talented people have inspired me to create my own 52 Card Pickup.  I like working on this kind of art on a small scale.  I sketched on some, and collaged on others.  The dragon above is 2 cards that I sketched and painted as one, then adhered them to their own playing card.  By no means am I done doing all 52.   (Pssst!:  I may be doing a 52 card workshop in 2017.)
Here is my LadyHawk card.  
BTW, My hawk is doing much better!  She is on meds daily but we are watching her closely.  She's not 100% of what she was before, but has exhibited a healthy-ish appetite again.  My heart has also healed from the trauma of almost losing her.  Someday this will happen, but thankfully not yet.

July 22, 2016

Virginia Beach Art and Soul Retreats


Virginia Beach workshops are scheduled for Sept. 26 - Oct. 1.

That's coming upon us quickly; you know how fast summer goes by.
I am slated to teach Iris Photo Folding Tea Bag Journal and Personal Elements Canvas.  For more information, click this link: 
I had so much fun teaching these workshops in Minneapolis in May, and can't wait to teach again.  My classes were pretty laid-back and friendly.  Lots of laughter and fun.  

Iris Photo Folding Art Journal
Personal Elements Canvas

July 2, 2016

A few random art journal pages

On a Gellie print background, I added orbs and other elements. 

 White work; paper piecing

Foldout art pages.  Just sprayed, and stenciled and had fun.  The right hand page says 'Right the Wrong ~ it's not rocket science'.  The orange spikes are a fabric quilt remnant that I pieced but never added to a quilt.