March 18, 2017

The Quiet Eye Journal

Above is a new art journal cover that I made titled The Quiet Eye.  The background has evolved through many ideas and changes.  Paint, molding paste, collage, stenciled paint, removed paint and more paint and I ended up with this.  I love how this creates depth and textures, despite being in 'grey scale'.  I pierced the die cut feather and affixed bamboo sticks through openings. 
My new blog banner above features snippets from work in this journal.
This is one of the pages inside that bears the name of the journal.  I layered vellum over the title to further "quiet" it down.  I experimented with translucency in this journal.  
The top left quad is a modeling paste design upon which I affixed painted cheese cloth.  The right quad is fiber paste.  Lower left is a mosaic of squares I put together, then screen printed a grey rose over it.  The bottom right is paper from my Gelli stash, over which is a die cut floral tied with stained teabag strings and melted white wax with my initial.  I also sketched some seeds on handmade paper.

March 14, 2017

Quest 52's with a touch of RED

~A touch of red~
  A lot of my work starts with grey.  I don't often work with red.  When I do, it's just a bit here and there, as shown above.  As some of you might know, I dabble with the red wax that I peel from Baby Bel cheese and reuse it in my art.  It's easy.  You simply knead it in your hand until pliable.  Then you're able to shape it.  
Something new I've tried (with success) is combining wax and air dried clay forms I've made. When the clay is dry, I glob a small piece of the red wax on top and begin rubbing it into the relief, removing some along the way.  
I will be teaching this workshop at Art and Soul.  

March 4, 2017

Quest 52 - Apricot

Four by four we will be creating themed altered playing cards.  Here is another example where the common thread is the color apricot (I won't say orange because that's not how I roll- lol).  

The top right is another door I fashioned with an image behind it:
' Seed and Harvest'

Here's the direct link to register for this workshop:

February 27, 2017

More Rust Love

Another sample of LOVE spelled out in rust.  
 A bunch of rust samples on coffee filters.  
The large nails I used are vintage railroad-type nails.  They are beefy and transfer well.  I'll have a slew of these on hand for my workshop in Virginia Beach.  

You can register here:

February 23, 2017


If you keep your left eye closed and blink twice, you might be able to see the word LOVE, inadvertently spelled out on 4 random rusted coffee filters.  I couldn't have done this on purpose if I tried.
 More samples of rust art made from bending wire and transferring the rust.
Join me at Art and Soul/Virginia Beach.  Sign up is here:

February 18, 2017

Playing with rubber cement resist

I think I found this technique on Pinterest.  

I poured rubber cement in a bottle with a spout made for writing.  I took out some watercolor paper and cardstock, and began to scribble.

After that dried, the real fun began.  I used watercolor crayons, a bit of Gelatos and sprays (from ArtAnthologie & Prima) and water.  
I hastened the dry time with my heat gun.  When all dry, it took just a finger rub to remove the glue.  Note: the underlay is very white in real life.
Love the batik look you get.

February 16, 2017

Rust on the Inside

Inside cover and first page

We will decorate the pages just like would any other journal.  I sketch occasionally, but this journal lends itself to any art techniques.  Since the coffee filter pages are now richly dyed with the rust patina, there is minimal background painting needed.
Foliage and feathers
Above, I played with some of the striations of rust on the left side, adding a die-cut feather, some mica over  a 'thought', and a few sketches.  The hawk on the right is from my own stencil, through which I did a rubbing of alphas.  This could easily have been watercolored, too.

Visit the registration pages and peruse what fun we have to offer this year!
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February 12, 2017

Held by the Earth...

Held by the Earth,
Felled by the wind.
Today I was invited to experience it
(a generic forest) :>

Today during my usual, weekly hike through the woods, I was gifted with an amazing occurrence.  
I heard and then saw a huge tree fall in the forest.  And yes, it did make a sound.  Probably only because I was there?  
The Earth is a powerful entity of which I am constantly amazed.  
I am in awe of what happens in nature, and today I got a front row seat.

February 11, 2017

Rust and the ArtBound book

And here's the reason for naming this class ArtBound.  We will be binding our own books and weaving bamboo sticks into the binding. 
The bamboo and hemp will be provided for you.   

Here's the portal:

February 7, 2017

Rust at Art and Soul

 A couple more samples I made for my Art & Soul/Virginia Beach workshop.  Above is the result of wrapping decorative metal ribbon three times into a coffee filter.  Love this one!  The top two areas had direct contact with both sides of the metal and the bottom one 'leaked' thru.  It's a lovely tryptic of lace.  After this experiment, I ordered more metal ribbon in different designs for Art & Soul.

Below:  The leaf shape is bent and sculpted steel wire and the lacy one on the left is the same metal as above.
  Here's a link:

Here's a peak at my next blog post; book cover ideas