May 17, 2017

Orbs in Other Orbs

More sketching.  This time with white gel pen on black.  There are also rubbings with white and gold colored pencils.
As with most of my pieces, this started out in fragments and then pieced to make the whole.  Anyway, I like mystery and questions in art, and that little door with wonky steps satisfied that.

May 4, 2017

Lute in Old San Juan

The tower was inspired by a fort we saw in Old San Juan, PR while on a cruise port call.  Castillo de San Felipe de Morro, 16th century
The papers used to make the tower are all scraps I had.  The roof is a left over from a file folder I sprayed black that left a spotted look along the edges.  The rest is sketched on to create depth.  The lute itself was sketched on thick translucent paper and cut out.  The rest is collaged with vintage paper, old lace and gelli printed leftovers.  The red at the bottom is the inside of a security envelope.  Kind of rare seeing red instead of blue.

April 29, 2017


The background on this was painted and stenciled over at least twice before I liked it.  Then it sat for a while.  Weeks later, I plopped a rusted coffee filter on top.  I washed the whole thing with a white acrylic glaze to lighten it up.  Then I proceeded to sketch, sketch, sketch.

The main focus, the 3 rabbit circle, was done separately and placed after I stenciled a bit to continue the design with the background.  I was inspired by this image of a Celtic design and sketched it.
I sketched the shelf and the cloth hanging from it.  I've been experimenting with drawing fabric with transparency/translucency.  Here's a hint to sketching; do it on tissue paper and use gel medium to glue it down.  The pencil stays and the tissue disappears.  The farmer in the frame, upper left, was done like this.  (I also used this snippet in my blog header above.)

None of this is planned out at the beginning.  I can't work that way.  This collage became a story that evolved around the rabbits.  The farmer above added mystery to an untold story that not even I know.

April 25, 2017

Playing with orbs

Here I simply circle-punched pages from magazines and set them 'planetarily' around a sketched design.  I like playing with dark and lights like this, and the fading away of color.  No rocket science here; this is just playing until I like it.

April 24, 2017

Castles in the air

Most of this collage is done with images from magazines and a vintage book.
To the left of the castle is a new stamp from Seth Apter to provide texture and was the starting point to this horizontal piece.  The crosses below the castle is brown painted deli paper rubbed on an embossing folder with a white pastel stick.

Do you have a stash of papers you hang on to 'just in case'?  Well, it's fairly obvious that I do.  Yes, I'm inundated with paper, paper, paper in my work room, but I can't be a paper artist without it. 

April 18, 2017

Nature's Way

This one started with a grid and circle.  I am constantly inspired by artists' works I see on Pinterest.  This one was fun and quick and random and happy.
I sketched the squirrel and shaded him with PITT pens.  The snaggly little plant was a vector image I found on-line.  I made a stencil of it.  
Also used were acrylic and water color paint, stencils, pens, tissue paper, scraps and the kitchen sink.
 You'll notice that there is a hawk outside that round window flying away.  That little squirrel lives to see a new day. 😉

April 14, 2017

Heart's Ease

'Find your heart's ease and go there often'

I love, love, love spraying and manipulating the background to get shadows and lights playing against each other.  The window is a Stencil Girl stencil I've had for a while.  I made a maple leaf stencil with a punch  (T. Holtz).  The dots are a stencil called 'half-tones'.  The white flowers below the window are just paper scraps I made and used as masks on another project.  I wrote my quote with a dip pen and white India ink.  Lastly, I took my art pens and shaded the leafs and window.

I'm all about gray these days, and am not sure if such a dark palette can help you find ease, but it works for me.

April 5, 2017

Alabama Chanin ~ Slow Stitch

 Last year I made a very comfy, boho top out of a 100% linen skirt I found at Good Will.  This Spring break, when my daughter was home she lovingly told me it looked kind of like a potato sack.  Okay.  

Time to remedy that.  I channeled my inner Alabama Chanin and drafted a design onto paper, which I then drew on the front center of the shirt.
In progress...

Final result.  Still kind of potato-sacky, but it's comfy.

April 1, 2017

Pear Quest

Four more altered playing cards I did with a pear theme.  The bottom right also features a new die that I bought by Seth Apter.  I love his edgy stuff!  Here's a link to his blog:  SETH APTER
I off-set the dark die cut with a lighter one to pop the color out, since the pear in front of it is ghost white.
Join my workshop and make a few pears of your own.  Here's the direct link:


Art and Soul Portland Oregon starts Monday!  I send luck and fun to all my teaching friends and their students.

March 30, 2017

Tepee along my path

Last Sunday on my hike in my beloved woods, I saw that someone built this Tepee just off the trail.  It's really cool to see, and quite large.  There is a certain benevolence about this impromptu art sculpture that is built by someone with only windfall branches.
It reminded me of Laura Lein-Svencner, who builds a real tepee for her back yard.  She is an amazing artist.  Here's a link to her blog:  
Laura Lein-Svencner