Combine to Create

October 5, 2015

Tea Bags in Space?

Lots of texture in this one, created with modeling paste, a palette knife and a star stencil.  I made the large orb by spraying into a recycled cardboard tube.  The shading was already there from the acrylic paint I applied first.  Then I just wove tea bag ends and adhered them.  Messy but fun!

September 25, 2015

Tea Bags and Sketches

Have you heard of Deli paper that's being used with the Gelli Plate?  I got a box but haven't tried it with my Gelli Plate yet.  I have, however, sprayed it with art sprays and let it blend together.  After it dried, I used it as the background for this page.  It feels like the tea bags I use, and is semi-transparent as well.
The humble buildings I sketched are my 'mark making' addition to the page.  More on that in the near future.

September 18, 2015

Spirit Feathers

This piece was inspired from something I saw on Pinterest.  I sketched mine on a paper-backed tea bag.  I just let my muse take me with this one.  It's 'mark making' and doodling and Zentangles, and whatever else that compelled me.  I used water color pencils, markers and Copic pens.  
I haven't mounted this on 6 x 6 paper for my tea bag art book yet.  

In looking at this picture, I just realized that the tea bag resembles suede, and that goes well with the Native American feel of this.  Feathers have a special meaning for me, and we have quite a few around here from the birds that I have helped for the last 21 years.
Me and 'Bu'
How much do feathers and those raptors mean to me??  I've had this hawk feather on my forearm since the day I turned 50, for 8 years now:

Worn loud and proud.

September 13, 2015

Good Earth tea bag art

Hello again.  I'm still playing with tea bags, and drinking lots of sun tea.  (I like that phrase sun tea.  It's earthy and organic.)  In this art journal page, I have created a grid of tea bag squares and placed a die cut heart on top of each.  In the center I used the negative heart shape on the tea tab.  Very easy page to make because art needn't be difficult, right?  
All the tea bag art I do is on 6" x 6" of watercolor paper.  That's the size of the art journal class I am teaching at Art & Soul in 2016.  Join me in a laid-back, artsy atmosphere where we can create together.

August 30, 2015

Tea bag cathedral window

 I just received Spellbinders Cathedral Windows Set 1 dies.  It's embarrassing how many windows and doors I've made with these.  This is an example of two, the little window in the door is the smallest size die.  I taped a snippet of tea bag behind the window with a tiny heart.
For the background, I used Stencil Girl's cathedral windows and spread Golden light molding paste to create the bricks and surrounding stones.  When that dried, I sprayed over it with two colors.  I like that the molding paste resists the paint making it look distressed.
~An homage to Joanna Pierotti~
I have been playing with painting roses.  These were done free hand using red and white together on a small brush.  The blue flowers are done with a Copic pen.

The world lost an amazing artist when Joanna passed away not long into 2015.  Joanna fought bravely for years with cancer.  She drew these wee pink roses on her dolls' foreheads.  Here is a link to an example of one of Joanna's adorable creations:

August 24, 2015

Nocturnes ~ Tea Bag Art

Art and Soul registration is open for classes in Minneapolis, 2016.  As mentioned, I will be teaching a class that features tea bags as part of our compositions inside an art journal. 
This is another of my tea bag art journal pages.  This time I left the tea bag partially intact and slid a tag inside.  
 The design under the tea bag is from a new stamp set I got, designed by Finnabair for Prima.  I like her edgy style.  The grungy background is molding paste applied with a palette knife than layered with paint.
I got mine from Frantic Stamper

August 18, 2015


On this tea bag, I embossed an airy shrub rubber stamp in Sea Foam embossing powder by Ranger.  It's my favorite shade because it's a soft white.  After embossing I sent the tea bag through a Xyron.  It worked beautifully.

Nothing fussy here, just layered papers with a soft, simple look.

August 12, 2015

Rabbit Tea House

I've got family members saving their tea bags from their iced tea makings.  Love it.
The sample above is using mostly scraps I've had from other projects.The rabbit was a last minute addition to this when I found it in my stash already fussy-cut and ready to go.  He balances the structure well I think. 

Mark making.  On the die-cut circle and below the rabbit I sketched some markings.  I will post more about 'making our marks' very soon, as that will be a feature of the class I will be holding in 2016 for Art & Soul.

August 5, 2015

More Tea Bag Samples

Sketched on art paper.  Mounted on layered tea bags.
These sketchings depict rural vintage life when work was done with hands and heart.
  I used a dip pen and my homemade Walnut Ink over pencil.  The pencil is then completely erasable.

Use this link to catch up on what Art & Soul has in store for 2016 art retreats:

July 31, 2015


At the Forest Preserve where I volunteer (this is my 21st year) there is a farm where every April there are lambs born.  Sometimes the ewes reject the babes and the staff have to take care of feeding it. 
I used my Walnut ink and a dip pen to sketch this little vignette onto a tea bag.

For the background, the bottom left is from my Gelli stash.  The other two are experiments that I had to try:  using the side of a peach Crayola crayon, I did rubbings of stencils.  The wax served as a resist after the surface was sprayed.  I like the soft result, especially the grey, top left.  That grey is actually black spray that was sprayed with water and dabbed dry!  Never underestimate a good grey, I always say.  I love it.

A word about sketching and decorating tea bags:  One of the wonderful assets of tea bags is that they are semi-transparent.  A design you have drawn, or any design you may like may be traced thru the bag.   
Of course I have used rubber stamps with solvent ink on a tea bag with beautiful results.  Bring your favorite art methods and join me when I teach this class in 2016.  Here's a link to get the facts:
Art and Soul Retreat